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Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Kashmira Lad Oct 19, 2018
This Halloween, let the scary adventure for your trick-or-treaters begin right at your doorstep. Make it hard for them to resist entering your house of horrors with these smashing outdoor decoration ideas.
On Halloween the thing you must do
is pretend that nothing can frighten you.
And if something scares you and you want to run
just let on like it's Halloween fun.

- Unknown
Halloween is all about scaring the living daylights out of every single trick-or-treater who pounds at the door waiting to be dared into a trick. This can be achieved only with the perfect decoration for your home.
You can either make the decorations of your choice at home, or a take a trip to the market to hunt for scarier options. Whatever you choose, the settings should not fall short of scaring every person who makes his/her way through your garden to the front door of your haunted-looking house.
Here are some ideas that you can use to maintain a steady flow of trick-or-treaters and be the most popular house on the street.

In the Yard

Bats and Pumpkin

Halloween Lantern Pumpkin

Skeletons and Gravestone

Other Ideas

♦ Use old wooden boards or cardboard sheets to make scary Halloween signs. Take bright red or black paint, write creepy signs or messages, and place these signs on your gate, pathway, or at the porch.
♦ Use old clothes and bags to create things like scarecrows, ghosts, etc. Use trash, paint, old buttons, etc., to create the necessary effect. Use strings to dangle them up against the porch.
♦ Add to the creepy effect of your Halloween party with large bloody footprints on the pathway, in the garden, and the porch area. Take a large piece of sponge and cut a big footprint pattern out of this. Now, dip this in some washable red paint. Use this sponge to print large footprints wherever you want. Flip the sponge to print the other side of the foot!
♦ Rummage out your old Christmas lights. Now, roll them into pairs of bundles. Place each pair amidst a bush, at a distance of a few inches from each other. When switched on at night, they will look like a gleaming pair of eyes.

At the Door

Animal Farm and Fruits

Evil Spiders on Pumpkins

Halloween scarecrow and Pumpkins

Hanging Dead Body and Wreaths

Other Ideas

♦ Keep candles inside carved pumpkins to illuminate them. Create interesting expressions on them to give them their own unique look.
♦ You can make paper cutouts of bats or ghoulish figures and place them strategically on the door. Next, tape a flashlight at an apt spot to create an eerie effect.
♦ Another budget-friendly idea is to make ghosts out of neon colored balloons. Use green and yellow balloons, blow them, paint scary facial features on them, and tie these at your door or at random places where they are easily viewable.
♦ An old umbrella can be very useful. Remove the fabric of the umbrella so that only the basic structure remains. Use strings to make fake spider webs and stretch it over the rods. Keep this at the entrance to your home.
As you can see, all these scary objects can be easily made at home. So get going! Enjoy Halloween like it's meant to be with these wonderful ideas.