Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations

A host of options are available when you talk of outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. Check out the article for some amazingly unique ideas.
CelebrationJoy Staff
Winter is just setting in and the contour of nature has started to change ever so slightly. The holiday season is here and it'll soon be time for Thanksgiving. Just like most festivals, decorations are looked forward to even during Thanksgiving. While decorating the indoors is relatively simple, outdoor decorations do tend to take a certain level of complexity. But even then, with these ideas, we've made the job really simple for you. Here's how you can get started.
Ol' Crow
Yes, if you did not know it already, one of the options is the good old scarecrow. Most of the time, it is made with a stuffed pillow case, which makes for the head, and jagged, rugged clothes that make for overalls. Use two tall sticks to form a T-shaped structure. Place the pillowcase on the top and cover the hands with old clothes. Either fix the scarecrow in your lawn or garden, or simply lean it near the front door.
Hailing the Hay
Straw bales are great to use for outdoor decoration. Line the walkway with a few bales of straw. Embellish further using dry, fallen leaves with amazing colors. Add a pumpkin here and there. For further effect, set a Turkey on top of each. You can prepare this decorative item at home.
The Shock of the Fodder
This idea involves corn stalks and is termed as Fodder shock. This can be a great family activity, from getting the corn stalks post harvest, to making the making fodder shock. Gather corn stalks and tie them at the center, using a strong rope or lace. Once you are done with this, place the fodder shock in your garden and have some squash, pumpkins, and gourd to go with it.
Wreathing On
Outdoor Thanksgiving decorations cannot be replete without wreaths. Wreaths made from autumn leaves are your best bet. To jazz the wreath using pine cones, ornaments, and berries is a great idea. This immediately gives a fresh and festive touch to the wreath. If you have the time, prepare smaller wreaths and place them all around your garden.
Apart from these ideas, you also have the option of buying inflatable Thanksgiving decorations, which are available on online shopping websites. These are a good idea, specially if you are planning to decorate your home last minute.
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