Parade Float Decorations

Parade Float Decorations

A parade is a ceremonial expression of a state's culture and tradition. If you are interested in making a splash with your unique float at the parade, then read this article to get some ideas.
A parade is a tribute to the glorious past. It's a way of exhibiting wealth of a state, or a way of celebrating traditions. Nations all over the world have parades to celebrate their special days. The vibrant colors and jubilant presentation of the parade floats bring life to the event. Crowds gather in thousands to watch the parades and leave only with a spellbound spirit. In case you are preparing to participate in any of the parades this year, you'd definitely want to have the striking decoration. Take a look at some of the decoration ideas below to make your float stand out.

Decorating a Parade Float

The first and foremost rule of any venture is to decide what you want. The same is applicable while designing what you want. Get the mental final picture, out on a paper so that you always have them for future reference. While sketching the picture of a parade float, make sure that every detail gets equal attention.

Jotting Down
Once you have the plan, jot down the items that will be needed to make the parade float. This will help you in getting the supplies in the right quantity. Next, divide items into 'the one's to bought' and the 'one's to be made'. This is way you will be able to allocate time to buying and making respectively.

Thematic Approach
Take a note of the theme that you would want to have on the float. Think out of the box, rather than going in for some run of the mill themes. Pull out some comic books and try incorporating the puns and euphemism in your parade float. Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, national sports, or current political scenario are some of the regular themes which can put up in most creative ways.

Parade Float Essentials

Balloons are excellent for decoration. No matter what the theme is, they always gel. They are probably the most inexpensive supplies. You will get them in various colors, like pink, red, white, gray, yellow and orange. Mix and match them to make your float look right out of a dream.

Crepe Paper
Crepe paper is an easy and essential factor of decorating your parade float. The best part about crepe papers is that, they are readily available, in variety of colors, and they are available in every possible length. The disadvantage of using a crepe paper is that it tears easily. So, stick onto a hard surface. This will make it durable and stable.

Flowers look fresh and divine. If your theme demands all that then go for it. There are two options, while incorporating flowers on your float. One, you can make them or buy artificial ones, or two decorate with fresh flowers. Flowers break and become dull if subjected to high speed. If your float isn't about an environmental theme, then artificial ones are fine, and if it is then you will have to get a balance to real ones and fake ones.

Lights will lighten up your parade float. Lights make it bright and lively. Use of fancy lights on your float, especially in the evening and in the night, will make your float look like a wonder!

Few advisable tips that you would want to keep in mind while decorating your parade are, keep it small, get every one involved, delegate the work, and work within the budget. To make your parade float the most innovative one, try making it yourself!
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