Parade Float Ideas

Parade Float Ideas

Parade floats are created to celebrate a significant occasion and different parade float ideas would have different aspects, like the time of year, decorations, colors, themes, music, etc. In this article, let's see how these things complement each other on different occasions.
Parade floats give us a vision of bright and vibrant colored floats swaying in the air, with marching bands, animals, the funky painted faces of the float riders, streamers, and lots of people gathered around to enjoy the beauty of an occasion. Regardless of your age to see the parade floats, it's a perfect way to grab attention for your community, culture, school, business, or any other cause. They are extremely colorful, big, and attractive to look at, and at times, the truck that is required to pull the trailer, can be an excellent ride on the parade route. A complete one day for you to have fun and frolic! So, be it Christmas, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, or Macy's Day, any celebration without the dazzling parades would lose the magic and charm of that event. To create parade floats, it can take weeks or even months due to the work one has to submit to. So, here, take a look at certain ideas that are easygoing and sheer merriment to create.

Parade Float Supplies

It is not necessarily assembled on a flat-surface trailer that is pulled behind a truck. A wagon, cart, or a pick-up bed would work just as easily. You will need a 2-by-4 for constructing a sturdy frame. After construction, pull the float on a small-scale distance to ensure the rigidity of the frame. The parade float supplies would depend on the type, size, and the elaboration of the float design. Supplies like balloons, spray paints, ribbons, streamers, etc., are the basic decorations required to build a float. Mainly these floats are created by selecting themes. The pictures, messages, and scenes depicted on the float should suit the overall theme of the parade.

Different Parade Float Ideas ...

... for Kids
Kids love floats that have themes with simple characters or animals decorated on it. It can be their favorite television, cartoon, Disney, or movie character. You should allow the kids to decorate the parade floats with a variety of items or add some arts and crafts that they themselves have made. They would feel happy and participative. They could also use items, like hand-sketched drawings, streamers, props and cutouts, colorful balloons, crepes, or tissue paper flowers taped well to cover the sides of their floats. These activities would liven up their enthusiasm. For an event, coming up with different ideas and themes that excite a horde of kids is not an impossible job to deal with. Every year, there are several children's organizations participating in the parades. They are mostly youth sports teams creating floats with a sports theme on it, or certain clubs projecting the values of their organization. Also, many church groups represent a verse, story, or song from the Bible. The merriment and fantasy in creating the parade floats could provide many happy memories for the kids.

... for a Patriotic Day
Any national holiday coming around the year, and there is probably a parade celebrating that holiday. Having appropriate patriotic parade float ideas at hand could pull many themes and aspirations from sources, such as national symbols or cultural history. In case of USA, showcasing national symbols on floats, like the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, or the bald eagle would cast out a respectable parade ceremony. Just make sure whatever items you choose, the overall theme showcases the national colors of red, white, and blue. In case of color schemes for decorating floats, floral sheeting can be a charming way to introduce costless golds or metallic silver fringes added at the sides of the trailer all the way to covering the wheels. Props are an effective part of any parade float decorations, like colored balloons, over-sized letters, and battery powered lights with some twinkling pattern could add some sizzle to the moods. In case you are planning to lay your float ideas for a cultural or a historical theme, you have to create a design that commemorates a significant event in your country's history. Portray the story in a very simple way so that the story grasps the attention to the unfamiliar crowd too.

... for Banks
Creating a striking, interactive, and an engaging parade float for the field of business or banks is one of the best ways to receive attention from the crowd. There are two to three ideas for banks, like piggy banks or pirate ships. For a piggy bank theme, the platform should be large enough for the pig model to rest. Create a pink colored pig, write or draw your business logo at the side of the pig, and add a wreath of flowers around its neck. At the center of the body, cut a rectangular slit with a silver coin sticking halfway out of the slit. You can scatter different colored coins or notes,chocolate coins, or candies on the platform to indicate money. The pirate ship themes are quite eye-catching and one of the good ways to promote bank businesses. Build a huge pirate ship on the float platform and fill it with chests full of jewelry and gold. These accessories can be in the form of painted rocks and cardboard. Put some people on the trailer ship to depict pirates who are sword fighting and controlling cannons. In place of shooting powder bags out of the cannon, create plastic jewelry, crepe paper balls, gold-foil covered chocolate coins, streamers or vibrantly wrapped sweet candies representing jewels, such as rubies and emeralds, which can be fired into the crowd for them to grab on some. You can display the name of your bank on a jolly-roger or on the ship's masts.

... When there's Less Time
When there is an issue of time, money, and manpower, the floats for a parade can be created in the most impressive and simplest art form. In case for easy parade floats, you could work cleverly and quickly and still live up to the expectations. Metal trailers can be an easy way out when it comes to attaching decorations, as magnetic tapes can be used to stick decorations and items. If budget and time are the main concern to finish the float, take a creative and a homemade approach by using inexpensive materials. Balloons, streamers, crepe papers, tissue paper flowers folded in a fan style, and floral sheets added at the side of the wagon would add some life to the float. Also, for instance, a scenario of Santa's workshop can be created using commodities, like a few chairs, a wooden table, many toys, brightly wrapped Santa gifts, and participants dressed in elf costumes. This would depict a Christmas parade scene. Such easy ideas are designed with imaginative levels that catches a viewer's eye.

These were a few of the many ideas that you can use, should you run out of ideas or need a quick parade float idea in a hurry. You can also use your own creativity and design your own float idea, just ensure that it is in line with the occasion.
Japanese Men In Traditional Clothing
Japanese Men In Traditional Clothing
Japanese Men In Traditional Clothing
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