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Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Neil Valentine D'Silva Dec 17, 2018
Christmas is a season to make everyone feel special, and personalized ornaments can make you do just that. Whether you are planning to keep the ornaments for yourself or gift them, they will add greatly to the celebrations. These are some popular ideas for personalized Christmas ornaments you will find this year.
Christmas time is a time of giving. And what is better than giving something handmade? Handmade gifts always tell the other person how much you care. Apart from putting a very huge smile on the face of the lucky person who gets your personalized Christmas ornaments as gifts, you are also making it possible for them to cherish the moment forever.

What are Personalized Christmas Ornaments?

Personalized Christmas ornaments are just what their name suggests. They are tiny decorative things that you can hang around in various places around your house at Christmas, especially on the Christmas trees.
Such ornaments look quite good on the trees among the lights and other kinds of decoration. Or you can simply let them sit on your shelf or in a display case. These pieces of decoration look good wherever you decide to keep them. The best thing is, of course, that the ornaments are unique.
So, whether you are getting them made for yourself, or getting them made to be given as a gift, you can be sure that they are special to the owner. And nobody else will have a twin of the same ornament on their trees.

Types of Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Many designs and themes abound when you are thinking of getting personalized ornaments for Christmas. Let's have a look at a few:


You can personalize the stockings for you and your children. Just buy plain red stockings and stitch each family member's names onto the stockings.
Use pet names or short forms if possible, as this will reduce your work. Moreover, use decorative thread while stitching the names as this will impart a more professional look.


Get a nice medium-sized wreath and some lovely photographs of your family members or friends, depending on whom you wish to give it to.
Cut the photographs into little circles and stick some holly leaves on the sides. Then stick this photograph on the wreath. Do the same with three or more photographs and stick them on the wreath. This makes a lovely personalized Christmas ornament gift.

Santa Ornaments

Santa ornaments show cute little Santas in different poses with place to write the name of the person for whom the gift is. One of the ornament is that a Santa on his sleigh driven by the reindeers, and each one carrying a flag with a family member's name.
Of course, such ornaments will be bigger in size and you will not be able to hang them from the tree, but they can look very good and meaningful on a shelf, or even on the mantle piece. And when Christmas is over, you can keep it in your display case to be brought out only next year.


After the Santas, angels are popular ornaments for Christmas. Angels can be made in a large number of ways, and they are mostly meant for the trees. It is almost a tradition to place an angel at the top of the Christmas tree. Most angel ornaments are made with that intention in mind.
Cherubs are also quite popular, and then there are other motifs such as turtledoves, little elves, etc. that can be used. All these can be personalized with the name of the owner of the gift.

Tree Ornaments

Another good idea is to get a photo of the person who will be keeping the gift and using it on the personalized Christmas tree ornaments.
Get some lovely stars and stick the well cut photographs onto the star. Make a set of these stars and wrap them in a decorative box and present them as a Christmas gift. The recipient is sure to remember you every Christmas.

Other Gifts

Nowadays, Christmas mugs are also becoming popular - these have a Christmas scene on one side and a picture of the owner of the mug on the other side
White is the popular color for making these mugs, but you can get them in the Christmas colors of red and green also. Some online retailers will also make a set of mugs for everyone in the family with their individual snaps.
Personalizing Christmas ornaments is not just about putting the name of the person on the gift, though. There are many other - and more interesting ways - in which you can personalize their ornaments.
For example, there are ornaments for special professions that can be given. If you are gifting a Christmas ornament to a doctor, you might get a stethoscope ornament with holly around it, or if you are gifting something to a person working in the fire department, you might get a fire brigade truck.
Such personalized ornaments do represent a lot of feeling, and will indicate to the person that you went to some lengths to acquire the ideal ornament for them.
Then there are ornaments that can indicate some significant happenings in the family that year. Was there a wedding close to Christmastime? You can get Christmas couple ornaments which you can personalize with the name of the couple.
If there was a baby that year, then baby Christmas ornaments, replete with the name of the baby are easy to get too. Similarly, you can work out your personalized Christmas ornaments with wedding anniversaries, job retirements and even special holidays that the family had in the year.
Quite undoubtedly, the Internet is the best place to do your personalized Christmas ornaments shopping. There are several websites that specialize in their own unique Christmas ornaments and ideas for personalizing them.
You will have to place your orders at least a month in advance, though, as there is always a great rush of customers in these places during Christmastime. Have the ornament directly shipped to the receiver with a beautifully personalized Christmas note. And, if you are ordering in bulk for many people, you can get some good discounts too. Have fun!