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Personalized Christmas Stockings

Neil Valentine D'Silva Dec 17, 2018
Feel that Christmas is slowly lacking the festive spirit? But then, Christmas is all about giving something of ourselves, and that is what will bring the true spirit out. Here's a great idea to make a beautiful gift for those you love - personalized Christmas stockings.
Agreed that we are all too grownup for believing in Christmas legends (well, at least, most of us are!), but come Christmas and we will all be wanting to believe in old Saint Nick all over again!
The portly red-attired fellow has always been the epitome of Christmas cheer, and his jolliest habit is certainly that of dropping in cute little gifts in stockings hanging by the fireplace. We have outgrown Santa, but just cross your heart and tell- How many of us do not place our wishes for Santa to fulfill on Christmas Eve?
And even if you, truly, madly, deeply do not believe in Santa Claus, we are sure the very vision of Santa shoving his roly-poly self down yon chimney and hiding his goodies in the stockings does bring in a smile of festive happiness.
That is precisely why, even in this age, when we are talking about virtual computers and androids, we still diligently hang up stocking by the fireplace, when the most popular 24th of the calendar turns in.
Come snow or sleet, Saint Nicholas will be there, and so will the stockings be hung. How, then, is the idea of making a little more merry by creating some personalized Christmas stockings? Trust me, this is gonna be fun!

Making Personalized Christmas Stockings

Nowadays personalized stockings are easily available in the market. However, making them at home can be an interesting and fun activity carried out between siblings or friends. Making a Christmas stocking at home is simple and easy. Let us know how.


Well, if you are going to have stockings waiting for Santa, then it is mandatory that you have one stocking for each member in the household. That makes it more of a family affair, and Christmas is all about spending time with the family. So, even old Grandpa gets a stocking for himself. His stocking will be a bit different though.
You can use a little patchwork to weave his stocking, and if he asks, tell him the different colors represent the different seasons of his life. My, how he is gonna love that line!
Grandma can have a similar stocking too, but a little lacework will do good; just to give it the cutesy feminine accent.
Daddies can have a somber stocking, big and straight patterned, and mummies can use a little pink on their stockings. Mummy can also have some hearts on her stocking if she is still young and pretty; or you can play safe by using a lot of fruits or flowers on Mummy's stocking.
If you have older siblings, you will already know what kind of themes they will like on their stocking, while kids always seem to want the flavor of the cartoon character of the season. You will know better whether to use Mickey or Gyro Gearloose, or even Pokémon or Spidey for their stockings.


Once you have decided the theme to be used for everyone's personalized Christmas stockings, you have to begin a little stitching work. Of course, it helps if you know stitching already. But if you are like most of us, who don't know zilch about stitching.
Then you can learn a little sewing and affix cutouts of the desired patterns onto plain stockings picked up from your friendly neighborhood mall. Just make sure that the plain stockings you buy are large enough for the gifts. Oh, come on, you will certainly know what size your gifts are going to be!
We know it is not Santa who is going to do the actual shoving in of the gifts! You can use fabric glue to attach the cutouts of your selected theme, or you can sew them on if your cutouts are of cloth. One more idea to make your personalized stockings is to imprint the names of those whom the stockings belong to, with colorful thread.
This does require skill, but it is worth practicing if you want to hear the 'cho-chweet' line from everyone that gets the Christmas stocking you made for them! So, when the Christmas Eve turns in, make sure you gift-wrap your personalized Christmas stockings lovingly and give them personally to those whom you have made them for, could be family or friends.
Make one for yourself too. Many people will not think about Christmas stockings seriously, but when you take the effort to make such a lovely gift, you can be sure they will occupy a place of pride by the fireplace. Just have your gifts ready too, to sneak in the night and put them into the stockings! You will get yours too, damn sure about that!