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Cute And Adorable Preschool Craft Ideas for Mother's Day

Sourabh Gupta Apr 10, 2019
Mother's Day is the time for kids to shower their mom with gifts, and most importantly, love. Here are some crafts that preschoolers can make to bring a smile on their mother's face.
Whether they say it or not, mothers do like to receive gifts, in fact, every woman does. And you know what will make her day even more special? If she gets a handmade gift from her little preschooler. So, for all preschool teachers, or people with siblings or kids in preschool, here are some adorable ideas for crafts that can be made for Mother's Day.

Bath Salts

What you Need
  • Epsom salts
  • Glycerin
  • Perfume
  • Baby food jars
  • Food coloring
✜ Pour the Epsom salt, 3 tablespoons of glycerin, and 1 tablespoon of perfume in a large bowl and stir.
✜ Add red or blue coloring to tint it, either pink or light blue.
✜ Stir again.
✜ Put it into bags or jars, and the scented bath salts for your mom are ready.

Book of Kisses

What You Need
  • Long paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Sketch pens
  • Markers
✜ Cut out a few 4-inch square papers and, by stapling them together, make a booklet.
✜ Ask the child to decorate the cover of the booklet with whatever design they wish.
✜ Apply lipstick to the child's lips, and ask them to kiss each and every page inside the booklet.
✜ Write 'Book of Kisses' on the top page, and present it to the mother saying that she can exchange each one of the pages for a real kiss.
✜ It is advisable to make two copies of the book; one to use and the other to be kept as a memorabilia.

Handprint Dishcloth

What You Need
  • A solid color dishcloth
  • Fabric paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Trays for holding the paint
✜ Children should paint their hands with the color of their choice, and make a handprint on the cloth.
✜ If the dishcloth is dark-colored, use a light colored fabric to paint and vice-verse.
✜ Write your name and date on the cloth using a paintbrush.
✜ Add a poem.
"Sometimes I might upset you
Just because I'm small
By leaving fingerprints of mine
On a table, chair or wall.
But everyday I grow a bit
And I'll be big one day
When all my tiny fingerprints
Have long been cleaned away
So keep these prints of my two hands
To help you to recall
Just how big my fingers were
That time when I was small."- Anonymous
✜ This will create a memory of your little hands that your mom can keep forever.

A Hug

What You Need
  • A long paper roll
  • String
  • Bingo markers
  • Red paper
✜ Let the child hug you.
✜ Then, measure this hug, and cut a length of paper the same size as the hug. (A piece of string can be used to measure the hug.)
✜ Trace the child's hands on the sides of the cut paper, and then decorate the paper with bingo markers, etc.
✜ Add a heart in middle with the poem,
"Here's a happy hug a bunch
Wrap it around and feel the crunch
May smiles and kisses come your way
With lots of love on the Mother's Day."- Anonymous

Special Coupons

What You Need
  • Papers
  • Markers
  • Lipstick
✜ Cut 4-inch square papers from the long roll of paper.
✜ Write messages on the pages, and give it to your mother telling what she can get back in return for those messages.
✜ Use your creativity to write the messages.
✜ The messages can be:
  • Cleaning the living room.
  • Help in doing the dishes.
  • Taking out the garbage.
  • A very very big hug, etc.
✜ Again, be sure to make two such copies. She may want to keep one for memory.
The best gift however, is the love that you can give her throughout her life, but these gift ideas are sure to make 'Mother's Day' very very special.