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Preschool Halloween Party Games

Mrunmayi Deo Oct 19, 2018
Are you arranging a Halloween party for your preschool kids? You must be in search of some games for sure. Take a look at the list of some interesting options given ahead.
Halloween means enjoyment, scary costumes, crazy pranks, parades, spider webs, tombstones, witchy cauldrons, and lots more. If you happen to be hosting a Halloween party for kids, then you need to take care of all these for a grand celebration.
Along with the food, the part that excites them the most are the games. So, without much ado, let's check out some options in Halloween party games and how to play them.

Pumpkin Golf

For this, you need to carve out a pumpkin with a larger and wider mouth, and place it on the ground. Cut a long, rectangular piece of cardboard to make a ramp, and tape it 2 feet from the ground at the mouth of the pumpkin.
Make sure that the cardboard is stable and well-balanced. Mark a starting point on the ramp, and ask the kids, one by one, to hit a golf ball inside the pumpkin. Give 3 chances each. The one who succeeds, gets a prize.

Scary Stories

Arrange a darkened room with only one flashlight in the middle. Now make a circle, and sit around the flashlight. Ask one of the players to start, "Once there was a ...", and let the others continue by taking turns. Each player has to add some crazy, scary, and gross sentences in a flow, and make up their own ghost stories.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Buy some artificial skeleton parts from a nearby toy shop. Hide these in your house at different places. Ask the kids to find these and make a complete skeleton set of all the gathered bones.

Hot Pumpkin Game

Ask the kids to stand in a circle, and pass the plastic pumpkin when the music is on. As soon as the music stops, the player holding the pumpkin has to make a Halloween sound which should be recognized by the other players. Fun preschool Halloween party game, isn't it?

Bobbing Apples or Donuts

Grab some apples/donuts, tie them with a string, and hang them from a tree branch or curtain rod. Ask your kids to snap a bite of these treats while their hands are tied behind with a rope.

Zombie Game

Ask all the kids to stand randomly in the backyard. Choose one to take the den, while the rest should stand motionless and still, like expressionless zombies. The player who has taken the den must try to make the zombies laugh, smile, or giggle.
If he succeeds in doing so, he is joined by that person, and the game continues until only one zombie remains. This kid is declared the winner.

Spider Web

Ask the kids to stand in a circle, and give a ball of yarn to a player. He should take a piece of the yarn and throw it to someone else in the circle. This cycle continues until a spider web is created. This will have the kids in a tangled lot, giggling to glory.

Mummy Wrap

Buy some tissue paper rolls. Separate the group of kids into teams consisting of 2 members each, and hand them a roll. One player needs to be a mummy while the other has to make him/her one. The team who finishes first, wins.

Capture Ghost

Now this Halloween party game is to be played in the backyard, and is very popular among teenagers. It can be played by younger kids as well. Make teams of 4-5, and give each team a capture flag with a ghost theme (pumpkin, spiders, ghosts, etc.).
Hide the capture flags partially in the others territory and ask the team members to find them. However, while doing so, the players shouldn't get caught by the other teams. The team who finds their flag first, wins.
This was the list of some really enjoyable games for preschool Halloween parties. These are sure to make your party a huge success.