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Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Megha Tiwari Oct 19, 2018
How about some spooky and goofy pumpkin painting ideas for your Halloween decoration? Read on for the detail information about them!
Are you trying to figure out how to decorate a pumpkin without carving? Here are some new and innovative ideas to add to the celebration and decoration of Halloween. The pumpkin can be used to decorate the outdoors by making scarecrow, fence decoration, lanterns on the pathway, etc.
A flower vase, a candle stand, or a showpiece can also be made as Halloween craft to decorate the indoors. So, get ready to paint the pumpkins and celebrate this event in style. Given here are some great ideas to paint these fruits for children as well as adults, so take your pick.

For Children


This requires a little imagination and effort to make the pumpkin a crowd-pleaser. Take a pumpkin that cannot sit properly so that the stem would become the nose. Paint the nose Tuscan red and prime the surface of the pumpkin with a multi-purpose sealer.
Paint the eyes close to the stem in white and black. Use olive-green colors to paint a hair tuft just above the eyes. Dress it with a top hat for the evening.

Leggy Spider

Cut the pumpkin from top and bottom to make it flat, and then paint it all black. Use white color to paint the mouth and eyes. Stick black pompom on the white base of eyes, purple pompom for nose, and a boa of the same color on the head for hair.
For legs, use the soft tufted cord that is generally used in embroidery, called chenille. Bend the chenille and attach it to the pumpkin. This long-legged arachnid, a homemade Halloween decoration, can be very easily made by the kids.

For Adults

Silhouette Painting

Draw a face of a witch, ghost, or a bat with a pencil on the pumpkin. You can also use stencils to make the task quick and easy. Cut it out from the pumpkin, and then paint it completely in white color.
Next, paint the silhouette black (this will include the interior of the pumpkin). Apply a layer of varnish so that the paint sets and shines. Encircle the silhouette with a black lace and decorate it with pearl-headed pins.

Haunted Mansion

Painting a haunted mansion, with windows chiseled in the pumpkin, is another great idea. Draw a ghostly mansion on the pumpkin and a moon behind it to make it look like a scary night. Cut out the windows in it and put a lit candle inside.

Other Ideas

Different Paints

Metallic paints, like bronze, silver, gold, or glitters when put together would look elegant and beautiful. Making use of spray painting with black color, and adding features to it in contrast colors, like olive-green, white, orange, and yellow, would look very unique.
But, since all dark colors would not be visible during the night, you can also use glow-in-the-dark paint to highlight the features.

Different Patterns

Stencils can also be used with spray paints to make patterns if you are not good at drawing. You can easily get the stencils from your local craft store.
Painting spooky, scary, or goofy faces on the pumpkin and using tinsel, hats, raffia, etc., to decorate it would make your decorations stand out.

Different Designs

Some unique designs that can also be made are watermelon pumpkin, samurai pumpkin, polka dot pumpkin, candy wrapper pumpkin, pinky pumpkin, boogy eyes pumpkin, long-nosed frog pumpkin, pirate pumpkin, pumpkin cat, Humpty pumpkin, robot pumpkin ... the list is endless.
Collect all the supplies before you start painting the pumpkins. So, go ahead and enjoy. Happy Halloween!