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Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

Tulika Nair Oct 21, 2018
So you have a last minute invitation to a Halloween party and you do not know what to wear. The Halloween costume ideas given here can solve your problem in a jiffy.
It's that time of the year again where most parents are working themselves into a frenzy creating gorgeous, and awe-inspiring costumes for their little ones. And after all the work that they put into making costumes for their children, most of them are either too tired or cannot be bothered putting in a lot of effort to create great costumes for themselves.
But if as a parent you are expected to go trick or treating with your kids, then you need a costume of some sort for the night of Halloween. It is here that quick and easy to make Halloween costumes can come to your rescue. These costumes need hardly any work and can be made in a jiffy.

Quick and Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Whether you need quick and easy to sew Halloween costumes for yourself for the trick or treat outing with your tiny tot, for your child, or for that Halloween party that you got invited to at the last minute, these easy costume ideas are a great solution to your problems.
While you can follow the easy instructions given here for some great costumes, you can also take inspiration from the images given here to create Halloween costumes in a jiffy.


This is probably one of the best ideas for a quick and easy Halloween costume that you can opt to make. All you need is a white sweat suit and a roll (or two) of white bandage. Now get a friend to tie the white bandage all around you. Use makeup or powder to paint your face white and use kohl to darken the areas around your eyes.
For heightened effect, sprinkle powder in your hair. This is one of the foolproof last minute Halloween costumes.


This is one of the easy to make Halloween costumes for women and men alike. All you need to make the costume is a white sweat suit and white bed sheet. Take the white bed sheet and cut a hole in the middle of the bed sheet through which you can slip your head. Wear the bed sheet over the sweat suit.
Now paint your face white and the under of your eyes black. Spray your hair with white glitter hair spray, and you are all set to scare the living daylights out of people.


Remember that toy which was a childhood favorite. If you are looking for Halloween costumes to make at home, model your outfit after the jack-in-the-box. Take a square box which is big enough to slip around your body. Cut out the bottom of the box and cut out holes to slip out your arms and head through. Paint the box in psychedelic colors.
Fashion a crank out of craft material and attach it to the box. Now make up your face to resemble a clown and you are good to go. This is one of the easiest Halloween costumes to make for boys and men.


This may not be one of the best options but it is sure to have an effect. You will need a black sweat suit with a hood, an old black umbrella, black felt cloth, safety pins, and a pair of scissors for this one. Firstly you will need to dismantle the umbrella completely; remove the handle and cut the umbrella in half.
You have your bat wings with you. Now use the safety pins that you have to attach the halves of the umbrella to either side of the sweat suit near your arms. Use the black felt to cut out ear and attach them to the hood. This is one of the more creative costume ideas for Halloween.

Cousin Itt

If you are an Addams Family fan, then the best option for you is to dress up as Cousin Itt. You will need a black hat, a pair of dark glares, and lots of brown yarn in different shades. Measure out the yarn pieces so that their length is from the forehead to the ground. Now take some tape and attach the yarn on the tape tightly together.
Next stick the pieces of yarn to the hat. Ensure that you use enough yarn so that when you wear the hat, you are covered completely. Wear the glares and you are done.
There are many more Halloween costume ideas that you can modify and work on. While some of these costumes may take effort and time, there are others that are extremely easy and simple to create, even if you have only a day to make the costume.