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Activities for Read Across America Day

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Feb 6, 2019
Read Across America Day is a novel way of celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss, the beloved children's author. Let us go though the activities one can indulge in on this day and find some interesting ways to celebrate it.
Reading has become more of a task than an enriching hobby for kids today. In order to celebrate reading and to honor one the most favorite children's book author Dr. Seuss, National Education Association came up with a great idea. They launched Read Across America Day to inculcate the importance and joy of reading in children.
Over 45 million kids across America participate in this exciting and knowledgeable event. Parents and teachers can plan plenty of Read Across America Day activities and make this event more interesting for kids. But, before having a look at some of the ideas, let us understand about the history of this event.


As mentioned, NEA came up with the inspiring idea of creating awareness about reading in every child's mind. They choose March 2 as Read Across America Day, as it is the birthday of Dr. Seuss, an American legend. It's not just on this particular day, but all through the year, that NEA organizes special activities.
These are actively participated in by parents, governors, mayors, politicians, actors, athletes, etc. These people help create the much-needed excitement about reading in young minds. On March 2, 1998, the first event of Read Across America Day was celebrated and has continued ever since with increasing amount of enthusiasm.


Activities for this day are not restricted to just reading books. There are plenty of different ideas that you can try out, like pajama day, library read-ins, feasts with green eggs and ham as the main menu, etc.
You can contact a popular local radio station to cover the events for this day in your school. Broadcast all the happenings in your school and involve students to participate with the local radio jockey. The drama club in your school can prepare plays based on Dr. Seuss's stories and perform in front of the school and parents.
Apart from drama clubs, high school students can arrange a reading session with elementary kids and help them read interesting books. Print pictures of popular Dr. Seuss's characters, like Cat in the Hat, Horton, etc., and begin a coloring competition for young kids. Why stop at that? Ask children to create their own imaginary characters and color them.
At home, you can involve your kids to invite friends for an overnight stay. Build small tents within the house and snuggle up with the kids and enjoy a fun-filled reading session of Dr. Seuss's stories. You school can also celebrate a 'Read Across America theme'.
You can ask children to wear long hats like Dr. Seuss to school, or arrange a fancy dress competition where kids dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character. You can have "A Minute to Answer" games, where kids are asked about various stories and characters created by Dr. Seuss.
You should hand out printed sheets and ask kids to match the name of the book with characters that match it. Else, ask kids to paint their feet funny and give prices to the most creative feet! How about inciting a bit of science? Ask the kids to observe a speck of dust under the microscope or glass.
Let all imaginations lose by asking kids, what do they expect to get after by crossing an alligator with a giraffe? Invite a local celebrity and ask them to read their favorite book by Dr. Seuss for kids.
Visit an orphanage or special school and bring smiles on young faces. Dress up like Cat in the Hat or how about Mr. Grinch? Read books with these kids and gift them the books donated by kids in the school. This will teach kids about the joy of giving and sharing.
You can host the movies adapted from Dr. Seuss's stories, like The Grinch, Who Stole Christmas or Horton Hears a Who for these kids. Organize a fun fair with many interesting activities that kids will enjoy. Donate the funds collected during the fair to organizations who work with children in need.
There are plenty of things to do on Read Across America Day. All you need to turn your creativity signals on just like Dr. Seuss. Everything is possible in the imaginary world and motivate children to read by tapping on their potential. Enjoy Read Across America Day activities with your kids and inspire young minds to enter the wonderful world of books.