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Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Aparna Jadhav Feb 8, 2019
Have you decided on a Valentine's Day plan yet? Well, you better start thinking about some romantic Valentine's Day ideas for her as "the day" is just round the corner.
Valentine's Day is always a fun day for all those couples around the world, who celebrate it in their own sweet ways. Even though you don't plan something very specific and spend some amount of money in making it special, a simple expression of love can give the day its meaning.
As the day of love is fast approaching, all you boys, must have planned something nice for your lady love. Well, if you haven't and are out of romantic Valentine's Day ideas for her, we have a collection of a few mentioned here. Read on and pick your favorite!

Romantic Ways to Sweep Her off Her Feet on Valentine's Day

When you love your girlfriend, your wife or any girl you really want to be with, she deserves to feel special and loved by you. Even though you can express your love to her whenever you wish to, there is a quiet emotion of love and acceptance felt on this day, which needs no words to be expressed.
So, if you think that girl in your life, who is your best friend in the world, who knows you more than you know yourself, who you depend on emotionally and who loves you with all her heart, deserves some appreciation, then give her a great day of love this year. Here are a few romantic ideas for celebrating the Valentine's Day.

♥ A Dinner Date

A romantic dinner is something most of you must think is very common, but you don't get to have dinner on the Eiffel tower, or on a cruise, or in an aquarium every day, do you? Well, that's the catch for this interesting idea.
Take her to one of the most unexpected places for dinner, which she would have never thought of, and set out a beautiful table, hire a violinist/pianist, and enjoy a personal evening together.

♥ Spell the "I Love You"

We usually see this idea in the movies a lot, remember Big Fish! You can come up with some really interesting ideas to spell out the three words, I Love You, when she's at work or busy with something.
You can spell it out in the air, you can make a hoarding and display it, spell it on the score board at a game, or make bold letter cards and hold them up on a subway, at the signal, outside her office, or anywhere! Your girl is going to find it very difficult to stop blushing the whole day!

♥ Flowers Can Do!

Women are instantly attracted to absolutely any kind of flowers. You can definitely use this attraction to your advantage and do something creative with them.
If you are a total romantic boyfriend or husband, do the wildest thing you can with some beautiful flowers like lilies, roses, dahlias, orchids, etc. Get her dozens of them and place them either in her cabin, room, in the bathroom, her balcony, or anywhere you think she would least expect them to be!
Another romantic idea would be, sending her a flower through someone or the other every hour of the day, so that she's constantly thinking about you.

♥ Write Her Letters

There's something extremely charming about a man who can write letters and make his woman feel special with words. Even though, you can write emails and text her love quotes you found on the internet, letters written on paper have their own romantic place.
You can confess, tell her how much you love her, what you love about her, what she means to you, etc. in your own words. After you are done writing them, either keep them in places where she would find them throughout the day, or send them through people around her. She's going to love you for this!

♥ Basket of Love

Girls just love getting gifts. Even a small chocolate or a flower means a lot to them. So just imagine if she gets a whole basket, full of gifts. Well, we know that is a bit expensive but if you can afford, then it can be one of the most wonderful gifts.
Buy perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, chocolates, flowers, soft toys, etc. Think of things which she wanted from a very long time and put them all in the basket. With of course a lovely, personalize note. Surely, she is going to get flattered with your surprise and the way you remembered the things she likes.

♥ Take a Pick

Make a list of things which she likes and buy them all. Now cut pieces of paper and write the name of one gift in each paper. Fold them so that she cannot see what is written inside and ask her to choose one. Whatever she picks, just gift it to her at that moment. Keep doing this for the entire day till you are out of your gift stock.
Then finally at the end of the day give her a bouquet of red roses and propose her once again. It is not necessary to buy expensive gifts, you can just buy small, cute and inexpensive item. This idea is definitely going to overwhelm her with your love and care.
With these utterly romantic ideas, you are surely going to sweep her off her feet or make her weak on her knees! So, go ahead and give your girl a great Valentine's this year, she deserves it. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.