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Show Your Love for Him With These Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Ratnashri Dutta Feb 4, 2019
How are you planning on celebrating your Valentine's this year? Romantic Valentine's Day ideas for him, anyone? Ready to pick and choose the ones you know he'll love most. Wake him before the alarm goes off...
Don't really know how to celebrate this years Valentine's Day with your beau? How about some romantic Valentine's Day ideas for him that will make your task really simple? Here is a treasure trove of some great ideas that span over the sweet, romantic, whacky, raunchy and more.

50 Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day for Him

- Go kite flying. Get to a hill and take turns flying that kite.

- Visit a strawberry field and spend the morning picking, eating and feeding strawberries to each other.
- Surprise him by going all romantic (and a little cheesy) and dedicate a song for him on the radio.

- Take one ride after the other at an amusement park. Don't forget to gorge on candy floss and popcorn.
- Do a little role-playing. Act like strangers who've just met. Take it from there.

- Make something of papier-mâché or mud. The idea is to go all icky and squishy together.
- Visit a flea market and go crazy buying quaint things for him (and you, of course).

- Watch a movie with his head on your lap.
- Cook him a favorite dish from his childhood, then surprise him with a perfectly laid out dinner table.

- Go ahead, challenge him. Unplug the TV and put a sticky note on it that says -- turn me on instead.

- Spend the day going through old photographs and reliving those moments.
- Play truth or dare (the kinky way).

- Write him a long note, listing 100 reasons why you love him.
- Spend the day on a water bed.

- Wake him up with breakfast in bed, wearing only his too-big-for-you shirt, that ends above your knees.
- Play a game of twister and revisit those adolescent times.

- Go to the park and play Frisbee till you sweat. Then cool down with a cola float.
- Spend the afternoon trying out different styles of kissing...invent more of your own.

- Sit on the balcony/patio sipping coffee, snuggling under one blanket. Enjoy the chilly air and let the slowly streaming in sunshine warm you.
- Make a list of all the eateries he likes and try visiting as many as you can for each of his favorite dishes.

- Give him a head massage that leads to a back massage, that leads to a foot massage, that leads...
- Take a motor boat/ferry ride through a scenic water route.

- Give him a large hickey on his neck and send him off to work -- grinning and embarrassed.
- Go a little kinky -- blindfold him, then feed him strawberries dipped in melted chocolate.

- Spend the day revisiting all the local tourist spots.
- Take a steamy, hot bath together.

- Put on some slow romantic music, hug him tight and simply sway from side to side.
- Take the day off and go swim in the sea.

- Drink a hot beverage, warm your lips and catch him off guard with a scorching kiss.
- Build sandcastles on the beach, collect some shells, go splish-splash in the water.

- Write him a poem that is more corny than mushy and watch him double over with laughter.
- Take him lingerie shopping with you.

- Go to a kids' park and play on the slides and the swings. Climb a few trees while you're at it.
- Make one of his fantasies come true...in the bedroom.

- Write him a naughty valentine's day card and mail it to him. Then watch as the surprise makes way to a cheeky grin.
- Visit a local bakery and try out their cakes, cookies and pastries.

- Climb a hill and then enjoy the view of the landscape below.
- Go to a restaurant and tease him throughout dinner by playing footsie under the table.

- Ask him to put a single drop of honey anywhere on his body and take up the challenge of finding it...or vice versa.
With this long list of romantic ideas listed out, we know you'll be spoiled for choice. And it's a given that you're going to have a really great Valentine's this year, right? Let's not stop you then. Go, go. Plan that full-of-potential Valentine already.