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Scary Halloween Games

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Oct 17, 2018
Halloween night is just round the corner and the preparations for parties are in full swing everywhere. Here are some scary Halloween games that will make your night even more scarier.
So, it's that time of the year again when you don your witch costume, decorate your home with ghoulish stuff, and try to scare the hell out of anyone who approaches your house. Yes, it's Halloween, the time to indulge in some spooky fun.
What do you have in mind for this year's party? Did you plan for some games for your guests? If not, then read this to get ideas on different games to scare them.

Halloween Games for Everyone

Scary Movie

If you have an all adults party, then this option is one of the most creative one for adults. Make a few index cards out of paper, and write a really scary line on each index card. Ask the guests to sit in a circle in a dark room. Each guest picks an index card around which a storyline has to be developed. The first guest starts making a story with his line.
The second guest picks up the story from where the first one left. He/she then develops the story around his/her own line. Thus, the game continues with each guest adding their own story. At the end, you will have a movie script that will put any Hollywood scary movie to shame! If not, you will have some outrageously funny stuff to laugh about!

Murder in the Dark

This Halloween game is good for kids or a small group of adults. Make some paper chits and write 'murderer' on one chit and keep the rest blank. Fold them neatly and put them in a hat. Ask your guests to pick one chit each. Turn the lights off. The murderer has to put on a mask and go out on a hunt for his victims with a flashlight.
The players have to quickly hide away from him/her. The murderer then has to look for each player and whisper 'you are dead' in his/her ear. Once declared dead, the victim has to go and lie down in a room designated as a 'morgue'.
All the victims go to this room and lie in rows as they are being caught. The last person to get caught is the winner. This game is not suitable for larger groups of adults as the early victims may get bored.

Total Recall

If you are looking for fun games for small kids that won't leave them petrified for days, then this one is good. Take a tray and place random objects in it, such as three knives, a skull, two ketchup bottle (resembling blood), a denture, etc.
Display the items to the kids for half a minute and then put them away. Now ask the participants to recall all the items in the tray along with their count. The kid who gets all the items correct is declared the winner and gets a prize.

Scary Story

A good Halloween game for adults is to have all the guests seated in a dark, eerie room. Start telling them a really scary story with lots of special effects in the background. Then, encourage your guests to come up with their own ghost stories.
They may also narrate a particularly eerie experience they had. In the end, when all the guests have narrated their stories, ask them to vote for the scariest one. This storyteller gets a prize.
Special effects is the heart of any Halloween party. Hence, hire a sound system and play some spooky music in the background while your guests play games. Decorate your house so as to give it a haunted look. Ask a friend to make a special appearance in a horrifying costume for a kids' party.