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Scary Halloween Party Games

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Oct 19, 2018
So, it's that time of the year when you can be your scariest best! But no Halloween evening is complete without including games that will scare people off. Let's see some ideas.
When it's Halloween, eerie and spooky theme rules the roost. Every house in the neighborhood turns into a mini set of a horror movie. The ghoulish decorations which you would otherwise not let anywhere near your house, adorn the walls of your living room during Halloween.
Evenings are the time when everyone exhibits their scary element and spine-chilling games add to the horror.

Games for Adults

Who's the Killer

Count the players and make equal number of small paper chits. Write down the word 'Killer' on one chit and leave the rest blank. Fold the chits neatly and ask each player to pick one. Turn the lights off for the game to begin.
The person with the 'Killer' chit is the killer while the rest of the players mill around the yard or room. The killer chooses his victim and slowly makes his way towards him or her. Then, very quietly he whispers 'You are Dead' in the victim's ear. The victim shrieks and feigns death. Lights are then turned on and the players try to name the killer.
If any of the players guesses and gets the wrong killer, he dies immediately. The lights go off again and the game continues. Every time there is a murder, the players have a chance to guess the killer. A correct guess results in the death of the killer and the game ends.

Murder Scene

Divide the guests into the teams of 3 or 4 guests per team. Provide them with five random things. Do not supply weapons such as knives as it will make the scene too obvious to act. Each team has to effectively use their supplies to spin a murder mystery and enact it.
Ask a neutral judge to rate the performance of each team. Make provisions for scary background music or special effects, if possible.

Games for Kids

Wrap the Mummy

Divide the kids into pairs and supply them with a roll of one toilet paper per team. One kid acts as a mummy while the other wraps the toilet paper around the mummy. The team which finishes the toilet paper first and succeeds in completely wrapping the mummy, wins the candy prize.

It's So Gross

Take random food items and turn them into gross mass. For instance, mash the bananas and peel the grapes so that they become slimy. Take some cold ketchup out of the refrigerator and put it in an opaque plastic bag. Soak a few sticks of pretzels and mushrooms. Put each of these food items in a separate self locking plastic bags.
Ask the kids to stand in a circle and pass the bags around. The kids stick their hands inside the bags and try to identify the food item. The kid who guesses right wins the prize!
Organize the scary games in your yard so that clean up becomes easier. If possible, hire a sound system and play eerie music in the background. You may also supply gory Halloween costumes to your guests.