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Sentimental Christmas Gifts for Men

Sujata Iyer Dec 19, 2018
Finding sentimental Christmas gifts for men can be quite a challenge. But you can overcome it by reading the ideas given here.
The man in your life completes you. The first man in your life was the one who created you. Your guardian angel, your father. Another man in your life is the one you grew up with. The one who found a new reason to fight with you every single day, but defended you like a wall in times of danger, your brother.
And the other man in your life, is the one you are sharing some of the best and worst experiences of life with, your love, your partner, your soulmate. Knowing the importance of each of these figures in your life will obviously make you want to get sentimental Christmas gifts for each one of them. Given here are some ideas for each of these relationships.

... for Dad/Brother

Christmas is a time for family. It is a time when the entire family comes together, to rejoice, reconcile and remember. Your father and your brother are two of the first men that entered your life.
They deserve something much better than a cheap Christmas gift for men picked up at a thrift store. Put some thought into the gift and you'll be rewarded with a radiant smile, and if you're lucky, a slightly shiny, watery glint in their eyes too.

Video Montage of Every Christmas

This handmade Christmas gift does not cost much. It is a sentimental gift that is sure to make them reach for their handkerchiefs. Go through all the old videotapes at your place.
Find all the ones that were shot on every Christmas from when you'll were kids till the last year. Collect and edit them. Then compile a video montage of all the best moments that you picked from them. Play it at home and give both of them a copy each, in a personalized CD case.

Family Tree

If a creative Christmas gift is what you want to give your dad or brother, then this one is a good idea.
Scrounge around or take the help of a genealogist to trace back your family as far as possible. Once you have enough information, make a lovely family tree by hand on a china plate. Use a calligrapher's help if you need. Make a replica of it on another plate and gift it to both, your father and brother. It will definitely be an emotional moment for them.


If there's a particular author's work that your father or brother enjoys reading, try and get your hands on the first edition of one of his books.
Else, if there's a sportsperson he admires, get genuine autographed merchandise of that person. You can also get is an antique version of something he enjoys collecting like stamps, pocket watches, cigarette cases, knives, whistles, etc.

... for Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband

After your family, it is the love of your life, who is one of the most important figures to you. You're going to spend the rest of your lives together, so it is only natural to want to find the most impeccable Christmas gift for boyfriend or husband.
He loves you with all your flaws and you love him with all of his. This love has every reason to be celebrated. And do it with the ideas given here.

Memory Gift

You probably know the man in your life better than almost everyone he knows. So, you've got to know special incidents in his childhood that he must have shared with you. He must have a mentioned a specific toy that he was particularly fond of. Or a chocolate or candy that he really enjoyed.
Even something as silly as his favorite ride at a fair can be a part of this gift. Get him to relive his childhood by giving him something that he cherished as a child. He'll absolutely love it!

Elaborate Dinner and Goodies

If your man is a foodie, and which man isn't, then give him a romantic Christmas gift that he'll always remember. Whip up all his favorite dishes, by asking his mother for the special recipes that he loves.
This way, along with his favorite food, he'll also get the favorite flavor that he absolutely loves. In addition to this, prepare a batch of every one of his favorite munchies. From cupcakes to cookies to brownies to even fried chicken wings. Join him and binge the Christmas away!

Personalized Wardrobe Essentials

One of the most popular Christmas gifts is a personalized item. This year, however, take it to a whole new level of personalized gift items. What you can do is buy him items for his wardrobe.
Right from underwear to a shaving kit to a three piece suit to cuff-links. Buy him everything and have them personalized with either his name or just his initials. For the cloth items, you can have the name embroidered and for the metal or plastic items, get the name embossed or inscribed.
All these ideas for will definitely work to make your man/men shed a happy tear or two. So take your pick. You're in for some heavy-duty hugging! Merry Christmas!