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Short Christmas Poems for Children

Benhur Soans Dec 12, 2018
Christmas is most awaited amongst Christians and especially children. It's the day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This Christmas, read these short Christmas poems for children. Praise the name, "Most High - Hallelujah!"
This time we present to you real short Christmas messages through my short Christmas poems for my dearest god-sent children...
There are many who love reading poems. And what could be better than reading out some short Christmas poems for children, to help them understand the festival, and the various gifts of life that we often overlook.

Short Christmas Poems for Children

Day of Christmas!

It's Christmas
Great day of happiness.
When Jesus came to earth
That's the day of Christmas!

Let's rejoice and spread the news
To all children and elders who got no views.
God's son came on earth to cleanse us
That's what Christmas has for us!...
...Let's forget all the pain
Surrender ourselves to gain
Lord's bountiful love and care
which He expects us to share!

It's the news of joy
That gives us hope.
Someone is there to hold
As, His coming is foretold!

So let's rejoice and celebrate
This day of Christmas!
Be contagious of the joy he gave
That's how we can Re-pay...

Guiding Light!

Children, you are God's blessing for parents
Which has no amendments.
He has set a good path for you
And given everlasting promises to stay by you!

Don't be sad, if you dint get any expected gifts
You are important to Him and He promised the best of things!
He knows what's best for you
So He gave you loving parents too!...
...He guides your parents as well
Blesses them to keep you well.
That proves that He is always there
So don't be sad or in despair!

I too cried for gifts when I was you
But realized the true happiness he planned anew.
Try to feel His Special Love for you
I promise, you would not cry, for any gifts too!...
...Sit patiently and Count your blessings
That's when you will know!
Know that He's your guiding light
Who has always been there to guide you off your plight.

Christmas Gift

We always long for gifts, and to be specific pray for receiving things that are worldly, missing the greatest gift we got through Jesus Christ. Here is my attempt to help everyone understand the greatest Christmas gift of life, i.e. happiness and salvation, which we receive from Jesus Christ our Redeemer.
Christmas! The day everyone does look up to
With loads of sweets, and Christmas gifts too.
Celebrating the birth of Jesus
Who was born to redeem us.

Though we all know the story
It always makes us merry.
Cause on earth He came for us
To wash our sins and gift life we deserve...
...In the town of Bethlehem
Lord sent His son from heaven.
In the womb of a virgin
Who was named Mary.

Joseph and Mary moved around
Searching for an inn, to birth the unborn.
Being the King of the world
In a manger He was born....
...King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords
Was wrapped in woolen clothes.
Humbly He came to the earth He created
To prove us His love, which never ended.

The angels showed a few
A bright star that looked new
Shepherds, Kings all made it through
To gift the newborn King, the best they knew...
...Think about it now, and take a bow
Praising His name, make a vow.
Proclaim that He is King
And bask with delight by the happiness it brings!

Christmas Traditions

The best way to nurture kids with Christian beliefs is to make everything sound easy to him. And nothing other than poems can help you do so. Christmas being one of the biggest festivals  for Christians, there are many traditions that are followed, and should be known to children. Here's our attempt to make the Christmas history simple to understand.
Let's take a look at the Christmas tradition
Celebrating Jesus' birth in different fashions.
Without forgetting the cognition
Attempting to understand the transition.

We all enjoy the Christmas day
Keeping all our work at bay.
Getting together in community pray
All night long, awake we stay...
...We start the Christmas decorations
Using all our creative imaginations.
In order to get an admiration
For the Christmas celebrations.

Let's now talk about the Christmas Tree
Which is one of the important themes.
Symbolizing Christmas spirit
With pleasant aroma of the deepest forests...
...Mailing Christmas Cards to near and dear ones
Greeting them with happiness of The Lil One.
Where Mistletoe and Holly Symbolize eternal life
Poinsettias symbolize the burning, divine love of our redeemer.

Gift giving is one of the traditions
Which shares happiness in tons.
Specially among children
Santa Claus is always fun...
..Christmas Carols has it all to say
Providing an insight of that day.
Spreading joy and glory around
Of the miraculous Master who is renowned

Not to forget the other day
The Boxing Day after Christmas Day.
Celebrated to gift the poor
Proving them that He's there and they can be well assured...
..Learn these traditions
You little ones.
And enjoy this season
With lots of fun.
Many of us don't know the real meaning of some traditions, and we just follow them because our ancestors did so. You could read out some of these short Christmas songs to your loved, younger siblings too.
Hope we have succeeded in helping you understand the true meaning of Christmas and the love that He promised us is marvelous. And if we have helped you understand, it would be our biggest gift to you, this Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!