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Simple Halloween Crafts

Rimlee Bhuyan Oct 17, 2018
What better way to celebrate Halloween than to get in the true spirit and decorate your house to make it look like the scariest castle built! Designing your own crafts and decorations makes it even better. Here are some simplest and easiest crafts that spell Halloween to the t.
One of the best things about Halloween is that you get to do all things scary. Even decorate your house with the most scary objects. Although these objects and decorations can be purchased from a store, making them on your own is more fun.
Have your kids and family involved in this simple and easy Halloween crafts designing project and see how much they enjoy it.
Here, we put together a selection of Halloween crafts that are also very easy to make.

Spider Web Balloon

Material required
  • 1 big balloon
  • Newspaper
  • Clear glue
  • Tweezers
  • Thin black yarn
  • String
  • Orange plastic spiders
  • Water
  • Quick dry adhesive
First, blow up the balloon and tie it with a secure knot. Now, cut the thin black yarn into 20 sections, each section should be around 6 foot in measurement. In a small bowl or a plastic container, mix the glue with a bit of water. Place the cut off tarns into the glue and water mixture, making sure that the yarns do not get tangled.
Now take out each yarn strip and wrap it around the balloon in a hap hazard way. Make sure that some of the yarn strips overlap each other to give it a cob web-like effect. Now tie a long string at the end of the balloon and hang it from the ceiling. Place a newspaper under the balloon, so that it can soak up any drippings.
When the glue in the yarn dries up completely, burst the balloon with a needle, and carefully remove the deflated balloon piece and discard it. Now place the orange plastic spiders on the yarn and glue them together with quick dry adhesive. Your spooky spider web with spiders is ready.

Egyptian Mummy Candy Holder

Material required
  • 4-ounce plastic water bottle
  • Black buttons
  • Medium-sized plastic container
  • Strong glue
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Small cotton balls
  • Cheesecloth
First, cut off the top of the 4-ounce plastic water bottle with a utility knife. To make the larger mummy, just use the medium-sized empty plastic container. Now, glue a cotton ball to the middle of the small water bottle for the nose, then glue on a pair of black buttons for the eyes. Leave this arrangement to rest until it dries completely.
Next, cut long strips of cheesecloth and glue one of its ends to the plastic container and the water bottle. Start wrapping the cheesecloth around the plastic container and bottle, make sure that you cover the nose but not the eyes. When you reach the end of a strip of cheesecloth, glue down the edge of the strip and start with another strip.
Continue in this way, until the water bottle and plastic container is fully wrapped with cheesecloth and looks like an Egyptian mummy. After the glue dries, you can use these containers for holding candies and sweets.

Paper Plate Ghost

Material required
  • 9-inch paper plate
  • Black construction paper
  • Strong glue
  • White construction paper
  • White crepe paper streamers
  • Scissors
  • Black markers
  • White yarn
  • Cello tape
First, cut out two large ovals from black construction paper, approximately 2-inch in diameter. Now cut out two small ovals about ½ inches from white construction paper. Use a bit of glue to attach the two small white ovals over the black ovals. With the black marker, draw the pupils on the white ovals.
Cut out another 3-inch oval from the black construction paper, making it a little asymmetrical to make the mouth of the ghost. On the white construction paper, draw two individual arms then cut them out. Attach these two arms at the back of the paper plate on both sides with strong glue.
Attach the mouth, and both the eyes that you have cut out. Cut the white crepe paper into five equal 7-inch long pieces and glue them to the back of the paper plate, so that they hang down from the bottom. With the cello tape, glue a piece of yarn to the back of the paper plate so that you can hang this cute ghost.
On a scale of one to ten, these crafts score an eleven when it comes to being fun, scary, and easy. Go ahead and try them out for yourself!