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Arrestingly Impressive Thanksgiving Celebrations Around The World

Thanksgiving Celebrations Around The World
Thanksgiving is held to express gratitude. People earlier thanked God for a bountiful harvest, and now, they say thanks for wealth, prosperity and for being blessed with a beautiful life. Despite different geographical locations, it resonates happiness and appreciation everywhere.
CelebrationJoy Staff
Last Updated: Oct 18, 2018
Erntedankfest in Germany
Thanksgiving church decoration in Germany
The German Thanksgiving harvest festival, held on the first Sunday of October, is celebrated differently in different parts of the country.
A usual fest includes attending mass, music, dance, and great food. Besides a beautiful display of vegetables, fruits, and other food produce, there are fireworks and parades too.
Dia de Acao de Gracas in Brazil
Thanksgiving came to Brazil during the 1940s when Eurico Gaspar Dutra, the Brazilian President, having heard about the holiday from an Ambassador in the U.S., had established it there. People attend mass as a gesture to thank god for abundance in all forms. Besides, the Thanksgiving carnival brings life to the festivity.
Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom
Thanksgiving Message
The Thanksgiving festival, generally held in October, brings about excitement for the city of London that hosts a grand harvest festival, exhibiting farm produce, including fun activities, fruit and vegetable competition, and more.
Elsewhere in Britain, churches are decorated with the harvested fruits and vegetables; traditionally, a special loaf is baked that resembles a wheat sheaf.
Thanksgiving in Liberia
Liberian Mashed Cassava
People in Liberia celebrate Thanksgiving on similar lines as the Americans. However, the feast offered here consists of chicken (not turkey), mashed cassava, and green bean casserole.
The first Thursday of November is Thanksgiving in Liberia, when they express gratitude for many things including freedom from slavery.
Thanksgiving in the United States
Macy's Thanksgiving parade USA
The first Thanksgiving, although different from how it is celebrated today, was an autumn harvest feast of the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians held in 1621.
Pumpkin Pie With Whipped Cream And Cinnamon
It became a national holiday in 1863 with a proclamation from President Abraham Lincoln. A typical Thanksgiving in the United States reminds everyone of the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Thanksgiving in Canada
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October, with a history of different dates. Canadians look at it as a day to express gratitude for the year gone by.
Family Enjoys Thanksgiving Dinner\
Thanksgiving here can be equated with parades, traditional feast with turkey, and spending memorable times during family reunions.
Chuseok in Korea
Songpyeon - Korean Rice Cake
The Korean Thanksgiving, or Chuseok (meaning "fall evening"), is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Songpyeon, the special varieties of rice cake is made during this 3-day holiday. Remembering their ancestors, Korean families rejoice under the moonlight.
Mid-autumn Festival in China and Vietnam
Moon Cake
The harvest festival celebrated in the month of September is also known as Children's festival in Vietnam. With the brightest and roundest moon at night, people remember the Chinese Moon Goddess Chang O.
Chinese Moon Cake
Mooncakes are shared among families on this day of appreciation for a bountiful harvest.