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Thanksgiving Day Activities

Rujuta Borkar Nov 17, 2018
What fun would Thanksgiving be without activities and games? Here you'll find some Thanksgiving day activities that will turn your day completely around and bring in the cheer for good.
Wondering what to do this Thanksgiving? You'll be going home and meeting up with your family and friends, of course, and there will be the special Thanksgiving treats to eat, but it might get kinda boring after that.
What are some activities that you can include to make the day more fun for you? You and your family can go out to celebrate this Thanksgiving day with a day packed with activities and fun.
Why let the day take a dull tone when you can easily spruce it up and turn it into a really fun day? Here are some activities that you can use to do exactly that.

Pass the Water

This one's for the full family. Divide the family members equally depending on their number. Get them to stand in a straight line. Place a bucket full of water at the starting of the line and keep an empty one at the end of the line. Time the round and have a referee look over the game.
At the blow of the whistle, the person at the start of the line dips his hand in the bucket and takes in as much water as he can and passes it on to the next person in line, who then passes it to the next and so on, till it reaches the last person who then drops it into the bucket.
The first person continues to draw the water and pass it to the next. At the blow of the second whistles the teams stop. The water level in all the buckets is then measured and the team that has collected the maximum water, wins.

Relay Turkey

Divide all members equally and get them to stand in a line. Give an inflatable turkey toy to the first person standing in the line. Someone will have to referee the game. At the blow of the whistle, the first person has to bend at the knees and pass the turkey through his legs to the next person, and he to the next till it reaches the last person.
Once the turkey reaches the last person in the line, he has to run to the starting of the line and pass the turkey to the person standing behind him, and the chain continues till everyone has taken their turn and the last person in the line comes back to the end. The team that finishes first is the winner.

Find the Ingredient

This is like a pie eating contest but with a twist. Have a table full of Thanksgiving desserts lined up. The kids have to use only their mouths to collect as many raisins as they can from the pies (You can use any other ingredient as well. Something that does not melt easily).
They cannot touch the bowl with their hands. At the end of the game, check who has the maximum number of raisins. He is declared the winner of this game.

Crafts Afternoon

Making and creating crafts are quite the favorite when it comes to activities for Thanksgiving day. Provide the kids with craft material that they have to use to create a turkey. In the end, don't declare a winner, just give everyone a treat.
And there you go, some of the best Thanksgiving day activities that will assure you have some of the best moments at the family dinner. You can always just relax with card games, board games or a movie... but these Thanksgiving day games promise more fun and make boredom a mere myth. Happy activities, this Thanksgiving!