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Thanksgiving Decorations to Make

Omkar Phatak Nov 20, 2018
With Thanksgiving just round the corner, you must be thinking of decorations to make for your home. Here are some simple ideas, that can be easily made to work.
Thanksgiving is a day which everyone looks forward to. It's an opportunity to meet family and friends. It's also a chance to unleash the creative bug inside you and invent some new decorations, to make your home, more inviting.
This is for all those creative people who like to put in an effort to decorate their house during Thanksgiving. Instead of buying decorative stuff, it's fun to make your own decorations at home. The kids will enjoy joining you in this endeavor.

Decorations to Make on Your Own

The ideas that you find here are easy and simple to make, taking little time and effort. Get your kids involved in making these decorations. In fact, they can give you better ideas.

Pumpkin Vase

Besides their frequent use in cuisine, pumpkins come in handy when you are thinking about decorations during Halloween or Thanksgiving.
Here is how you can create a vase out of a pumpkin and decorate the dining table or the porch. Take a medium-sized pumpkin and cut off its top. You can remove all the pulp and seeds from its inside. Cover its inside with paper-mache and then apply a plastic cover. Next, you can place your favorite flowers in water and your pumpkin vase is ready.

Autumn Candles

Candles make for beautiful decoration pieces during Thanksgiving. Their warm silent glow creates a serene atmosphere in the home.
You could innovate and make your own candles or buy some scented candles, that will not only make the room glow but also fill it with a delicious smell. You can use candles in colors of fall, to decorate the dining table or place them around the house near windows. They will surely add to the ambiance of the room.

Napkin Rings

Decorative napkin rings are also a nice idea. Just cut straight pieces out of craft paper, which are long enough to make a ring.
Paste or staple the ends of the pieces together, to make napkin ring loop. Next step is to decorate the ring by sticking fall foliage on them, to give them a natural feel. Arrange them nicely.

Pine Cone Turkey

Here is another innovative decoration idea. You can make a faux turkey out of pine cones. All you will need is some crayons, a pine cone, craft paper in fall colors, markers, and glue.
First, stick the cone in the center of a paper plate. Make turkey feathers and a head out of the craft paper. Draw eyes and sprinkle some glitter over it. Your pine cone turkey is ready. Kids will enjoy doing this.
Creating these decorations and putting them around in your home, is a satisfying experience. The guests that come in for Thanksgiving will surely be impressed by the effort you have taken to make the place beautiful.