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Thanksgiving Favors

Puja Lalwani Nov 20, 2018
What better way to end a Thanksgiving party than with some great favors that your guests can remember you by? Here are some ideas on what you can give as favors, to inspire you.
With the invitations sent, menu set, and the decorations in place, giving away some favors will just be the icing on the cake at your Thanksgiving party, and will be a wonderful memory of the great time they had with you.
While the favors can be store bought, there are several that you can make on your own. Those of you who enjoy creating crafts can use your creations as favors this Thanksgiving. Even if you don't, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Edible Favors

Edible favors are always a hit with everyone. Make a batch of your best cookies, and make customized gift boxes to put your cookies in.
Further, use traditional Thanksgiving colors such as brown and orange to decorate the gift boxes. With a beautiful ribbon, and a personalized message tag, you have these party favors ready to hand out. Apart from cookies, you can also make small treat bags with sugar coated, roasted pecan nuts. Place them in see-through treat bags with a message.


A Thanksgiving cornucopia not only makes another great edible favor, but also serves as a table decoration.
While you may go with the traditional cornucopia that has autumn vegetables and fruits, take the simpler route and use fresh waffle cones and add in lots of candy and nuts into each cone.
Wrap each individually with some cellophane paper, and tie a ribbon with a personalized message, or one of the many quotes on Thanksgiving on it. Lay out each cornucopia in a beautiful tray, to make for a great table decoration as well as a favor on the go.

Scented Candles

The scent of Thanksgiving is in the air, and you will find candles that are reminiscent of this festival with the fragrances they are available in (vanilla, apple cider, and cinnamon) everywhere. Wrap these up in gift boxes, and make some gorgeous favors.
Apart from candles, you can give out soaps in these scents. In fact, with Thanksgiving around, candles and soaps are available in the shapes of maple and oak leaves, that make great favors. Scented candles (in various shapes) decorated in a tray full of fall leaves also make for great centerpieces.

Pilgrim's Hat

Another element that symbolizes Thanksgiving is the pilgrim's hat, which makes it a perfect favor that you can give out this season. Decorate and pack it as shown in the image, or fill up the hat with candy, roasted nuts, or the like.
If you can manage it, have a small message printed on the hat to personalize it. If not a message, you could even have images that are symbolic of Thanksgiving printed to give the hats a little zing! A pilgrim's hat can be given away to both, adults and kids.

Thanksgiving Pillow

A pillow or a cushion cover with a Thanksgiving message is a great keepsake for whoever receives it. In fact, it serves as a reminder of the value of gratitude.
Choose any message that captures this value perfectly, have it embroidered or printed on the cover, and be assured that this favor will be deeply appreciated by everyone. The pillow or the cover can be decorative or simple as you want. Use colors and embellishments in keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving and give the most precious Thanksgiving favor ever.
The idea of giving away favors is very thoughtful, and with the extra thought you put into what you are giving, the favor will be valued by your guests. Keep with the spirit of the season and express gratitude by giving. Happy Thanksgiving!