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Thanksgiving Games for Kids

Saptakee Sengupta Nov 17, 2018
Children enjoy any festive season all the more if they get to play various games. If the occasion is of Thanksgiving, here are some ideas.
The family has reunited and kids have every opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving. Adults are busy chatting with each other, while children have found out their own ways of enjoyment.
Desserts, cookies, chocolates, and cakes are laid on the table and the dinner is yet to be served. Gifts, candles, flowers are arranged all over. The ambiance is perfectly conducive to Thanksgiving. However, the fun cannot reach peak without organizing some activities for kids. Given here is a list of games that will spice up your party.

Turkey Hunt

Turkey hunt is rather popular among kids, as they not only get the opportunity to play, but also hog on some delicious food! First, you need to arrange for a small turkey that is stuffed and well-roasted. Each participant has to leave the room when his turn comes to give his den.
Remaining teammates then hide the turkey behind some obscure places. The den then enters the room after certain time and has to find out the turkey from the gobbling sound made by kids while eating the turkey.

Cornucopia Confusion

Each child gets a name like corn, mango, tomato, apple, turkey, cranberry, etc. Children form a circle headed by a team leader. The group head calls out two leaders, hearing which children are supposed to switch places immediately.
The leaders cheer by uttering a phrase loudly. For example, 'the cornucopia has tipped over'. The players stand immediately and race for a new place. One who fails loses the game.

Pumpkin Racing

For this, you will require two pumpkins of same sizes and two sticks. Make sure you do not get huge pumpkins that will be difficult for children to roll.
There will be a pumpkin race in which students have to roll the pumpkins till the finish line. They can either use the sticks or use their hands to move them. The kid with the pumpkin that reaches the deadline first is the winner.

Spoon Relay

Here, kids play a relay race with cranberries. A start line and an end line for the race is drawn. Children have to step on the start line before the race starts.
A cranberry is placed on each spoon which they hold in their mouth. The game starts after the whistle is blown. Kids walk fast balancing the cranberry over the spoon. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first without dropping the cranberry.
You can also play online games with your kids on that day. Create a fun filled ambiance with painted pumpkins, toys, and various other trivia required for playing games. Arrange for prizes and gifts as a surprise element.