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Thanksgiving Party Themes

Sujata Iyer Nov 23, 2018
The wait for Thanksgiving is finally (almost) over. It's high time preparations for one of the most celebrated holidays began, and we're here to help you. Here's the lowdown on some pretty cool themes you can choose from for your big dinner!
Today's traditional Thanksgiving feast rarely includes seafood, an item that was supposedly included (due to its easy availability) in the original Thanksgiving feast of 1621.
It's time to be thankful once again. Forget all that you don't have. Instead be thankful for what you do have. Gather your loved ones once again and hold a Thanksgiving party to be remembered!
While entertainment at Thanksgiving parties is more than taken care of with family gossip, fights, and tomfoolery, it's the décor and the food that need proper attention or else the entire evening can be a complete disaster. We have lined up great themes that you can use for your Thanksgiving party. Read them, modify them to suit your needs, and party away!

Fall Fervor

Think Thanksgiving and the first theme that pops into our heads is fall! Think pumpkins, think orangeness, think gorgeous, golden beauty! Check out some ideas that you can use to do up your home and the dinner table by incorporating a fall theme for your Thanksgiving party!
Keep the invite simple and traditional.
Nothing spells out fall like a bunch of pumpkins and a couple of candles with a welcome card.
Give the outdoors a rustic look with hay bales, pumpkins, and a wooden wheel.
A cornucopia is the perfect way to assimilate everything fall this Thanksgiving.
Go trad with the stuffed turkey and fruits and vegetables to symbolize the bounty of nature.
Don't forget the delicious pumpkin pie as dessert!

Candy and Color

For all those sweet-toothed relatives (read: kids), here's a theme that will make your Thanksgiving dinner the best ever! It boasts of vibrancy, it boasts of joy. Most importantly, it boasts of sweet, sugary goodness!
Colorful. Fun. Cheery. These are the three things you should aim for your invite to be.
You simply can't go wrong with a gorgeous flower wreath hung on your front door.
A bunch of fresh, colorful flowers is just what the doctor ordered to up the cheerfulness of the party.
Nothing like a meatball masquerading as candy to play a (healthy) joke on fussy little kids, eh?
Another healthy option you can try is wraps stuffed with chicken and veggies.
Keep the mood going with bright, fondant(ed) cupcakes!
You can never have too much candy, can you?
Wow your guests with these chilled, bite-sized delights!
End the feast with some good 'ol cocoa and marshmallows.

Happy Apples

'Tis the time to get out the baskets and go apple picking. Dedicate this Thanksgiving to the fruit that helps you keep the doctor away by having an apple-themed dinner party. Wary of trying it? Just check out these ideas and you'll be raring to go.
Give your guests a subtle hint about the theme in your invite.
Strategically placed tiny bags overflowing with apples are perfect as décor.
If you're looking for something more elaborate, try apples with cinnamon sticks and star anise.
Continue the theme with mini apples in place settings.
The most obvious dessert choice for an apple-themed dinner party: apple pie!
Candied apples garnished with coconut flakes; another delectable dessert you can try.
To down all the deliciousness, serve mugs of apple cider!

The Original Thanksgiving

Did you know that the traditional Thanksgiving meals that are enjoyed today would make any of The Pilgrims gawk? Nope, there wasn't a stuffed turkey as the centerpiece or cranberry syrup.
In fact, there are debates if there even was dessert, as sugar wasn't available in huge quantities at the time. Corn in grain, bread or porridge form, and venison or duck or goose were the staples. So, this Thanksgiving, how about going back to the original feast and doing everything The Pilgrims style?
Do something unconventional. Send your guests postcard invites to a Pilgrims-style Thanksgiving dinner.
Invite your guests in with a grungy board so the mood is set.
In keeping with the olden theme, use worn lanterns for décor.
Serve venison, the (alleged) main course of the original Thanksgiving feast.
Hand out freshly baked corn bread to eat with the delicious venison.
You can also opt to serve a delicious corn porridge instead of or along with the rest of the meal.
The great thing about these ideas is that you can mix and match them as you please. Many décor and food items can also double up as favors that you can give your guests as they leave. So, exploit these ideas in the best way you can, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!