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Themed Gift Baskets for the Holidays

Jennifer McLynch Nov 26, 2018
Get creative with gift baskets this season by following a theme. This information will tell you about some of the ideas for themed gift baskets for the holidays.
Are you tired of giving the same presents year after year? Are you stumped for creative gift ideas? Why not include a gift basket on your list this year? After all, who does not like opening a gift full of surprises? With a little time and creativity, you can create a fun and festive gift basket for just about anybody on your list.
Gift baskets are a great way to add vibrant color and a unique presentation to even the simplest gifts. Why not add a little more spice this year by giving your basket a theme? Use the person's interests as a starting point for your theme, and incorporate personal elements specifically customized to fit their taste.
If they have a good sense of humor, try adding a few fun elements to their basket to give them a good laugh. Try one of these ideas for the special people in your life this holiday season:

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

If you have an outdoor enthusiast on your gift list, there are all kinds of great solutions to holiday gift giving. First, pick a container for your gift. Try a tackle box for a fisherman, a backpack for a hiker, or a mess kit for an avid camper.
Once you have a container for your gift, you can fill it with all kinds of related items that are sure to delight the person. What outdoor enthusiast does not need a new compass, thermos, flashlight, or a safety kit?
Dress it up with a camouflage bandanna or a good pair of gloves. Top it off with a related holiday ornament to keep it festive, and do not forget to include extra batteries if any of the gadgets require them.

For the Traveler

Giving gifts for people who love to travel can be tricky, but if you stick to the basics, your basket will send them off in style. Buy tote bags at any local store.
Fill it up with beach towels, travel guides, road maps, magazines, and sunscreen. Include a fun movie or favorite CD for them to enjoy while they travel. Small radios, CD players, and iPods are a hit for travelers if they fit within your budget, and do not forget to be creative!

For the Co-Worker

When selecting gifts for a co-worker, it is always good to capture their personality and sense of humor. A sure hit at any office is a basket full of office supplies. Include multi-colored paperclips, sticky notes, pencils, and pens in it.
Maybe also include a fun mug, a desk calendar, or a funny movie that plays on office politics (but only if they have a good sense of humor). As for the container, how about using a desk organizer or magazine rack?
If you plan to exchange gifts outside the office, you can be a little more flexible with the items you include. If you are confined to the office for exchanging the gifts, be conservative and make sure the gift is appropriate for the office environment. After all, you never know where stray items may end up!

For the Couple

It can be hard to find gifts for a couple, especially if they have different interests. One basket that is sure to please is geared toward a romantic evening. A bottle of wine with a couple of wine glasses, candles, cheese and crackers, and a corkscrew make great gifts.
If you know their taste in food, also include some non-perishable items in your basket as well, like pasta, pasta sauce, baking mixes, or the fixings for their favorite appetizer. Put all of your items in a picnic basket lined with cloth napkins and placemats, and the couple on your gift list has everything they need for a romantic evening together.
Gift baskets are a great way to have fun and enjoy the holidays. They can be as simple, or as complex and extravagant as you want them to be, and can fit within any budget. This year, let your creativity shine with a themed gift basket for everybody on your holiday list.