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Things We Did on New Year's Eve

Sonal Panse Dec 26, 2018
New Year's Eve... a fib for some, fab for some! Well, the entries from the one's who dared to slap their 'N.Y.' moments, (few embarrassing, though) are disclosed in here! So what did you do? Chip-in and read experiences, the world over, experienced!
Well, New Year's Eve is past and now is the time to inquire about how everyone spent this momentous moment. Doesn't matter if you had your 'someone special' in your arms or had a 'just-single-no-mingle' occasion, the new year is here, and it's here to stay!

What did You do on New Year's Eve?

Here are some experiences from the world over:

Elderly, Childless Couple

We invited some young neighbors with children for a sleepover. We watched '101 Dalmatians', sang 'Cruella Deville' in chorus, had hot chocolate (for the kids) and champagne (for the adults), aside from plenty of snacks, and then, with Mozart in the background, we just sat on the sitting room carpet and talked.
It was a wonderfully warm atmosphere and it's amazing the things you learn from three to seven-year olds, not to mention their parents, on New Year's Eve.


I stayed home and reread 'A Christmas Carol', the same book incidentally that I read alone on Christmas Day. And, unless you guys want to feel sorry for me every single day of the year, don't start right now. I don't like people feeling sorry for me unless they're willing to be doing something about it.
Like inviting me over and listening to the story of my sorry life and all those who made it that way - and none of you folks are that charitable for all the noise you make about being so, are you? And that's why I was home alone bonding with my man Scrooge. Your fault, people.

Party Girl

My friend took me to a Singles Party, which was so totally COOL I don't think any of us had any inhibitions left about anything by the end of it!


A group of us got together to paint the New Year coming in - we had a great time! - and, no, we did NOT create a bunch of paintings showing a nice, fat baby crawling in!

Avid Gardener

We planted a tree at midnight.


We went for a swing in the Children's Park and then a slide and all the time we had BEER!

Middle-aged lovers

The two of us went for a long, star-lit walk, with the dog running just ahead of us. He took my hand and I skipped over a couple of puddles and we laughed about our breaths 'smoking' in the chill.

Very Young Observer

Mommy got on top of the table and sang 'Old Long Jeans' (Auld Lang Syne) and everybody cheered and Daddy laughed and said, 'get down, you witch, you're drunk'!

Proud eight-year old sister of a two-year old boy

Jamie peed at EXACTLY the stroke of twelve!


I was grounded - like, you don't need to know what for - and Donnie came and threw stones at my window and I climbed out and shimmied down the pipe and we went to this party where they had a lot of booze and dope and stuff going, and, well, we mingled in.

Romantic Couple

We got engaged!

Thoughtful Teens

Our group visited the Old People's Home and put up a music performance

New Parents of an adopted baby

Our new daughter from Rwanda came to us this morning, so we had an extra-special New Year's Eve!


I drank three pitchers of Mimosa, 'cause I'm reforming next year.

Young Food Critic

Daddy made French Toast - he can't cook, but it was New Year, so you had to eat it.

Young, Unemotional Observer

My Grandparents came over - my mother and Grandma had a tremendous quarrel and they both said they were going to kill themselves - you do what you want, Grandpa said, and he and Daddy went back to playing chess.

Disgruntled Teenager

We made a bonfire in the back garden - nah, we didn't get to sit around it, Pa was too hell-bent on getting all the rubbish burnt before year-end!

Private Person

Why do you want to know what I did? It's none of your business.

Devil-may-care Hogger

Well, I had to give up on my diet plan. I cheated on my diet plate (and I am not guilty! wink!)... A turkey sandwich, roasted chicken and lamb cold-cuts; I treated my taste buds and temporarily deemed myself an amnesiac about my 'stone'-y issues.

Thorough Routine Lover

What's so great about the New Year? I had a shower, cooked-up my own meal, watched TV, brushed my teeth, and there I was... off to bed, much before the clock struck twelve! It's just another day guys! My wits fail to understand, what's the hubbub all about, every 31st day of December?

Out-and-out 'Net'worker!

I was high on facebook-ing and IM-ing all year round and thought I would continue the plague tonight as well! Wonder what's more exciting than switching your status updates every 4 seconds!

Obsessive-Compulsive Homemaker

Arranged my closet, brushed the eggs 'white', spring-cleaned the kitchen and scrubbed the vessels to squeak - yeah, it's been long-pending. Had to do it tonight, before the new year harbingers.

(Snooze!...) Wordy Wordsmith

Ascertained and systematically pronounced on paper, two protracted paroles spelled in the depths of the dictionary. If I may savor the proposition of imparting this knowledge, they are; antidisestablishmentarianism and hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianism.
The import of these long-winded articulations?.... Stretch your gray cells, tap them in concert to unravel the semantics. If this is not what you desire, obtain a literary encyclopedia and decipher them!

Sophisticated five-year old

I think New Year is over-rated - same like Santa Claus.

Party Animal

We went to a costume party dressed as Black Bears - unfortunately the car broke down before we got there and so we started to walk the remaining way and then a car drew up alongside and a policeman shouted, stop right there, it's against the law for bears to be walking around like this.
So he arrested us - and took us to the party along with him - ha, ha ha! - he was a friend of ours - what kind of trick ending were you expecting?
So, there you are, you now know what all of us did to welcome the new year. We would love to hear your adventures and eccentricities too! Hurry, before the new year ripens... we are waiting!