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7 Things You Should Avoid At An Office Christmas Party

Apurva Neurgaonkar Dec 18, 2018
With Christmas just around the corner, the very much dreaded Christmas party is here. We may have heard enough about the shameful party behavior of some colleagues (should I say, past?) in drunken glory, and the post-party walk of shame on a Monday morning.

Celebrate Christmas in the Right Spirit at Work: Don't...

Get Drunk Beyond Your Limit

While drinking in moderation is fun, getting too drunk will be pretty embarrassing, both, for you and your colleagues. Chances are, you'll end up throwing up in the washroom. Not a great way to enjoy a party!

Go Dirty Dancing

No matter how well you can twerk, this a complete no-no in the office parties. Remember, people can video record your 'moves' and pass it on. You don't want to have your colleagues giggling and whispering behind your back.

Confront Your Co-worker

No matter how much you hate Rogerina from Admin, confronting and venting out all of your hate on her at an office Christmas bash will never make you look or feel good. You'll only be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Get too Friendly With Your Bosses

Just because the top management is to be present there, it doesn't mean you can use these parties to elevate yourself up the career ladder. They might smile and talk to you out of professional courtesy, that does NOT mean that they are your best friends. Talk politely, and move on.

Hook Up/Declare Your Undying Love for...

...your boss, your colleague, or ANYONE. It was okay at college parties, where a quick snog is overlooked. But here, it won't be forgotten, and would be totally awkward if you are going to see that person everyday at work.

Dress Provocatively

Uhm no. Just because it's an opportunity to get all dressed up, you must look festive, but also respectful. Don't arrive at the party as if you're here for hen night or a bachelor's party.


Enjoy the food, but don't make it turn you into a glutton.