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Cute Tooth Fairy Costume Ideas

Parul Solanki Sep 29, 2018
Tooth fairy costumes are great Halloween and fancy dress costumes for both children and adults. While children can look adorable with the cute tulle skirts and the lovely tiaras, adults can don these hilarious costumes for a great laugh.
Fantasy holds a special place in the hearts of everyone, be it adults or children. The legend of the tooth fairy recounts the tale of a magical fairy who awards the children for the teeth that have fallen off.
So every time your tooth broke off, you would place it under the pillow and lo and behold! the next morning you would be awarded with money and little treats. Of course, sometimes the kind fairy would allow your parents to keep the tooth while rewarding you as well.
This magical fairy also provides the inspiration for very beautiful Halloween costumes for kids and equally hilariously funny costume ideas for adults. Here is a look some great ideas to make this costume for men, women, and children.

Tooth Fairy Costume For


Tooth fairy costumes for women can be a sexy head turner or plain hilarious. For the costume, you can include a white or pink corset tops, "poofy" skirts with trims, tiara, and shimmery wings.
Do not forget, a sequined fairy tooth wand. Accessories can include a dollar necklace and a tooth-shaped purse.


Who said that only women can dress up as tooth fairies! Adult Halloween tooth fairy costumes for men are equally popular.
Tooth fairy costumes for men are hilariously funny costume that can lighten the mood in any room with its outrageous looking white imprinted tank top, a pair of white shorts, a pair of white wings, and a headpiece made of molar cutouts. To complete the "fairy look", add a frilly tutu skirt to this funny outfit.


This costume is a favorite among kids of all ages. This dressing idea can be used for kids to dress up at Halloween.
Dressed up in a gorgeous poofy dress, a tiara, matching fairy slippers, and beautiful sequined wings, she looked an adorable darling. Tooth fairy costumes with the wings and the tulles skirts are fairly easy to make.

How to Make a Tooth Fairy Costume

Material Needed
  • Big poofy dress
  • Dental floss packs
  • Toothbrushes
  • Gum for a tooth necklace
  • Poster board for wings and wand
  • Elastic or string
  • Foil
  • Body glitter and glitter hair spray
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun
How to Make
For making this beautiful costume, select a big poofy white dress. Alternately, you can make your very own fairy tutu by measuring and cutting the tulle and attaching them to an elastic in a 'U' shape. Now sew in the toothbrushes and floss packs onto your skirt.
For the fairy necklace, thread the gum onto a piece of string. Wings for your little tooth fairy can be made of poster boards and covered with glitter foil. Attach strings to secure it over the shoulders.
A magical fairy wand, a bag of fake gold coins, and a tiara made of teeth can complete the look of the perfect tooth fairy.
The origin of the tooth fairy is a mystery with some attributing it to an old European tradition where the teeth of little children was buried and hidden from the witches to prevent them from being cursed.
The tradition was carried on as children began hiding their teeth under the pillow, expecting gifts and money from the tooth fairy. The fancy tooth fairy costumes are a great way of having loads of fun this Halloween.