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Welcome Your New Year With These Top Resolutions

Sheetal Mandora Dec 14, 2018
Each year, millions of people around the world make New Year's resolutions, and try their best to stick to it for as long as possible. With this given list of top resolutions, perhaps we can help you find a promise you'd love to keep for next year.
"New Year's Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time."
― James Agate
It's almost that time of the year, and almost every individual across the globe is gearing forward to turn over a new leaf in their lives. The desire to start from scratch and going that extra mile to make your life a little bit better, healthier, and happier starts to burn.
So, the first thing most of us decide to promise about is to get more exercise, cut down on bad habits, learn a new skill, or even change the current job. Even though we do make such a promise at the beginning of the year, somewhere down the line, by February actually, the resolution kind of fizzles away.
In such a case, the best thing we can do is to keep resolutions that can be accomplished in a short term. How, you ask? It's quite easy actually. All you gotta do is go through our following list of top New Year's resolutions and find one that speaks to you.

New Year's Resolutions for ...

As the year is coming to an end, swiftly so, take a moment to reflect on the changes you brought about in your life. And keeping that in mind, think of ways you can start a new year that you know will bring about even more happiness and content.


♦ I resolve to interact with the opposite sex more often so I can have a date for Valentine's Day.
♦ I won't follow (stalk) my crush on social networking sites; basically, make an attempt to talk face to face.
♦ I resolve to reading a new book every month. Perhaps consider venturing outside the genre I usually stick to.
♦ I will not wear a hoodie and yoga pants everyday to school.
♦ Even though I don't love my body right now, I resolve to not hate and critique it.
♦ I will to speak up against injustice, racism, and other issues that I may come across.
♦ I resolve to tell the people I love that I love them a lot.
♦ I resolve to show interest in activities that make me get of the house more often.
♦ This year, I will offer someone an act of kindness.


♦ I resolve to be a savvy shopper I claim to be.
♦ This year, I will get at least 7 hours of sleep every night so I can concentrate more in school.
♦ I will meet new people, be more outgoing, and be open about trying new things.
♦ I resolve to not wait the night before to finish my paper/project.
♦ This year, I will volunteer for a cause that doesn't benefit me.
♦ I resolve to take a fun new class every semester that has nothing to do with my major.
♦ I will teach myself to balance life―school, friends, love, fitness, and family.
♦ I resolve to make an achievable bucket list for my future and stick to it.
♦ This year, I will let go of my fears and sign up to study a semester abroad.


♦ We resolve to stop food poisoning one another with our gourmet meals.
♦ Our New Year's resolution is to make short, but fun travel plans at least twice a year.
♦ We resolve to save a small amount every month for a rainy day.
♦ This year, we will both learn to make small compromises here and there to strengthen our relationship.
♦ We resolve to make a date jar and do something fun and new every week.
♦ Our resolution is to stop lying about making lifestyle changes.
♦ We resolve to say 'I love you' more often, and kiss more.
♦ This year, we will make a life list and encourage one another to fulfill it all together.
♦ We resolve to give each other space for some time each day.


♦ I resolve to get out of my seat more often and mingle with my colleagues.
♦ I will neither be part of office gossip nor badmouth anyone in front of the senior leaders.
♦ I resolve to participate in training programs to improve my skills for work.
♦ I will find 3 skills I'm good at and make myself appear irreplaceable at work.
♦ I will come up with ways to conserve energy, purchase green office products, and improve recycling.
♦ I will participate in a work-related self-improvement class.
♦ I resolve to improve relations with colleagues I don't along.
♦ I resolve to find a job that won't compel me to make resolutions.
♦ This year, I will separate my professional life with my personal life, and understand what are my priorities.
We hope that you found some interesting resolutions in our list for yourself to keep. The tradition of keeping resolutions is a great way to bid adieu to the year that was, and welcome the future. So, make sure you celebrate it with people who matter the most to you.