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Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

There are traditional gifts you can give on a 50th wedding anniversary and there are modern ones. They both have the same basic origin. It's only the method of gifting that has changed. Let's see what they are, in this article.
Sujata Iyer
Celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary is a fortune that not many have. Not everyone gets to spend 50 glorious years with the person that they fell in love with. If you know a couple that will be celebrating this tremendous milestone in their life, then you're one of the lucky few. That's because you have the privilege of being in the presence of a love that has only been growing over half a century. Needless to say, you have to join in the celebrations by giving the happy couple some really treasured gifts. This CelebrationJoy article has some ideas that you can use to make their day even more special.

Traditional Gifts for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

A 50th wedding anniversary is celebrated as a golden anniversary. So it only makes sense for the gifts to be centered around gold. Hence, we have compiled a few gift ideas revolving around gold for that special couple you know. It could be friends or family. These gifts will work for both.

Gold Jewelry
Nothing is a better and more popular gift for a golden anniversary than some pure gold jewelry; for both of them. You can either get a pair of matching wedding bands for them or a pair of thin gold chains that match. Alternatively, you can get a pair of gold cuff links for him and an antique gold brooch for her. A pair of gold earrings for her and a gold bracelet for him will also be a good gift for them.

Gold Framed Wedding Picture
Another gift that you can give the couple is a gold/en photo frame. Get a beautiful designer gold frame and make it a little more special by doing something sweet. If you can, go through their wedding photos and find one of their favorite ones or a candid shot. Make a copy of it, give it a black and white filter and have it fit the frame. They'll love it for sure.

Gold Fortune Cookie
This is rather unconventional, but a cute gift to give a couple on their 50th anniversary. There are goldsmiths and jewelry stores that will make gold plated or pure gold fortune cookies. You can ask them to either make it in two pieces or you can ask them to make an opening in which you can insert a small piece of paper with a message written on it. Be really creative with the message.

Gold Plated Inscribed Pocket Watches
This is one of the most elegant gifts to give a couple celebrating their golden anniversary. Get them a pair of gold or gold plated pocket watches. You can personalize these watches by inscribing personal messages to the two of them. You can also use a photograph of the two of them on the dial to give it a more personalized touch.

Other Gifts
Some other gifts that you can present to the couple are:
  • Gold Plated Wrist Watches
  • Gold Roses
  • Gold Plates
  • Gold Biscuits
  • Gold Plated Champagne Bottle
  • Gold Plated Wall Clock
So now you know what are the best options as far as traditional 50th anniversary gifts for friends or family are concerned. Happy gifting!
Wall Clock
Bottle of champagne in ice bucket
Female wrist watch
Thinking back
Pair of gold wedding rings
Jewelry Box With White Gold Rings
two gold silver gifts
Gold Colored gift box
Golden presents
Gold Colored present
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