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Types of Mothers You Meet While Trick-or-Treating

Buzzle Staff Oct 17, 2018
Kids get super excited at the mere mention of Halloween. Well, when there's candy and costumes, who wouldn't? Oh wait, the moms aren't too far behind either!
She is a fitness freak and wants to keep you away from all the candy. She'll dole out healthy treats like raisins and other dry fruit, or will just handover some money.
Right from amazing decorations to costumes for the entire family, this mom has got everything totally sorted out. She'll even make the candy at home itself.
Say cheese! And click! Get used to posing, for this mom wants to capture every moment possible. She'll ask you to pose at random places and will keep on clicking till she gets the perfect picture. And beware, you won't get candy if you don't smile properly.
This mom does not consider Halloween to be a big deal, and is not really interested in getting the perfect costumes for her children, stocking up on candy, or going trick-or-treating either.
She is a true prankster and knows how to scare the kids away. Her decorations are oh-so realistic and totally spooky.
At some places you'll have to ask for candy, but with this mom, there's always too much. She'll give you treats, gifts, and all sorts of stuff. Finally, you'll only have to say stop!
Her preparations for Halloween begin months before. She plans every family member's costume really well, and everything is ready well beforehand. She makes all the decorations at home. All her candies and treats are homemade, and she loves getting compliments for all the hard work.
This one is the complete opposite, she forgets Halloween. Yeah, hard to imagine, right? So don't expect candy when you knock on her door. If you are lucky, you might get some money!
Her costume is the topic of discussion for many days even after Halloween. No matter what her kids wear, she has the hottest costume in town!