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Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Saptakee Sengupta Oct 23, 2018
Here's presenting you with some unique ideas for Halloween costumes for kids and adults. Read on to know the various tips for designing your outfit.
Beautiful dresses, amazing party favors, circulating gifts, and loads of enjoyment make the season of Halloween a fun time. It's the time when you want to deck up the way you want to, and adopt various themes for costumes and outfits.
The range of collection is so diverse that you are bound to get confused what to choose. Moreover, deciding an apparel that will suit you the most is a difficult task when you want to try something unique.

For Adults


For women, the queen's attire tops the list. You can dress up like a wicked queen mimicking the one in 'Alice in Wonderland'. It's one of the sexiest dresses for a Halloween party. The male folk will be drawn by the neat cuts in your well-tailored dress.
Well, apart from decking up like a wicked queen, you can also become the most beautiful queen of the party. For this, dress up like Cleopatra.


You must have surely seen Johnny Depp in the movie, 'The Pirates of Caribbean'. So why not emulate his look this season on Halloween? If you haven't watched him playing the role of a pirate then get a DVD and watch. Carry fake guns and swords to get the desired look of a pirate.


The old vintage historical getups are still popular among men and women. Pick up figures from the American War of Independence, like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, etc. It is a good option for men. You can also try out the costume of a gladiator. To get the concept, watch Russell Crowe in the movie Gladiator.


Paired costumes are meant for couples. Your outfit should complement your partner's. You can emulate the attires of Joseph and Mary, Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, Shrek and Princess Fiona, Adam and Eve, etc.

For Kids


Spooky themes are loved by kids. Dress up your kid like a vampire or a mummy. Scarecrows, monsters, zombie, devils, and demons fall under the category of spooky costumes for children. Acquire the materials from store, and create a scary look.


Aliens are unique creatures so is their look. You can check out their appearance of the extra terrestrial creatures, and then design a similar type for your kids. You can design the costume at home itself.
Get the fabric from garment shop. Cut the size accordingly, and ask them to try out. Add glittering eye makeup to highlight their beautiful eyes. Cluster the hair, and add a hood to look exactly as cute as an alien. This creative look would definitely be liked by all.


This is one of the most sought-after costume for kids. Spider-Man, Batman, Superman are some of the evergreen superheroes.
You can purchase the costume from any garment shop, and dress your kids up. Cartoon costumes, although common, can be enamored with uniqueness by incorporating different elements.


This is a good choice to make at home. Try making easy Halloween masks at home, and purchase the particular animal outfit from your local store. This is the best way to create an animal theme for your kids.
Paint their faces to add animal-like features. Tigers and cats are common while turtles, lizards, panda, porcupine, baboon, unicorn are unique creatures.
Halloween is a festival much awaited by everyone. Everyone loves the spirit of the season, and gets excited thinking about how they will look like on Halloween. The options for Halloween apparels are ample. So, use these ideas, deck up, and go around making fun and merry.