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Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Puja Lalwani Feb 8, 2019
Still confused about what to buy him/her this Valentine's day? This list of unique Valentines day gifts should help you take a quick decision, even at the last minute!
The season of love is upon you, and every street, aisle and store is blazing with red and pink hearts and roses, every advertisement is directed towards Valentine's day, and your friends can't stop gushing about what they're going to give to or what they expect from their partner this time.
Yet, somehow, you can't decide what to give the love of your life, because you want it to be more special than the mundane flowers and candy. So it's not just the thought, but a 'unique thought' that counts in this case.
Valentine's day is a special moment in everyone's life and these are some unique gifts you can give him or her on this day of love, which are special, personal and exactly portray what he or she means to you.

Why I Love You

Can't fit a message in a bottle? Go ahead and give her/him a jar of messages, each explaining why you love her/him. She/he will be entitled to one message a day. Get creative with the messages and add some love quotes or lines from songs if you like.
Decorate the jar beautifully and ensure it becomes a part of a space in his/her house that he/she can access, preferably at the same time everyday. For instance, the jar could be kept at a spot on the way in or out, just to remind him/her that you'll always be around!

Personalized Newspaper Proposal

Ask your partner to be your Valentine in the form of a personalized newspaper headline. Write a note below that will make the 'news item', saying how much she/he means to you, and how much you want her/him to be a part of your life.
Just make it a part of the regular newspaper to catch your partner by surprise, or frame it and give it as a gift, and it will be a beautiful surprise nonetheless! A lot of websites have ready templates and all you have to do is fill in the details to get a print. So if you're running late, this one's definitely perfect.

Couple's Photo Shoot

Every Valentine's gift doesn't have to be a surprise. Take your partner and get a professional photo shoot done. Those beautiful moments will be captured for eternity in one of the most unique gifts you could give your partner.
If you live together, these gorgeous photographs can find a permanent spot in your home. Even if you don't, you can keep these as beautiful memories for yourself. Choose from a mix of vintage, black and white, and colored photographs and create a collage of picture frames on a special wall in your house for this lovely gift.

Personalized Pillowcase Set

It's cute, it's simple, and it serves the perfect purpose of a unique gift this Valentine's day. Get two pillow cases printed with a piece of a jigsaw puzzle on each, such that these pieces fit in. Have 'me' and 'you' printed on one each, and use it as a great gift for your lover.
You could also have your name printed on either to make it more personal, with red hearts! Actually, you could go pretty wild with this idea and have something sexy printed on these pillowcases, and go ahead and even get a matching duvet done up. Unique and how!

Lingerie with a Message

So you don't want to get very mushy on Valentine's day. How about getting naughty instead? Get her some sexy lingerie that both of you can enjoy. You could buy him a pair of red silk boxers, and have 'I Love (your name)' embroidered on it. It's a great last-minute gift, and adorable too.
If possible, get a picture of you giving a flying kiss printed on the boxers! Guys, even you can get a pair of sexy underwear for her with your name on it. How unique is this one?
Perhaps the reason you want your gift to be unique is probably because this relationship is more special than anything you've ever had before. If you genuinely possess such feelings, feel free to choose from any of the these gifts for him or her, and make it one that will leave a beautiful memory etched in your heart, for life.