Valentine Banquet Games

The Valentine season is upon us, and Valentine banquet games are in order thus. Need some Valentine games for banquets? Read the following article for some of the best.
CelebrationJoy Staff
Valentine's day is upon us. You know what that means. There will be that fair amount of fine dining with wines and violins; and the romantic getaways to a sunny new place. Perhaps. I'm only guessing, of course. That's not what I'm here to help you with. Here's what I'll be doing - if some of you are going the Valentine banquet way and hosting one for the season, then you'll need some games, right? That's what I'll be doing for you in this article - helping list some of the best Christian Valentine banquet games. You want to have fun with these games? You play them in a couple. Though that is not something that is absolutely necessary because some of these fun party games are fun when played in a group as well. But the mention of the term Valentine does demand some romance, some coupl-y feel, and so some games will bring forth with them the feeling of love and bonding.
Valentine Games for Banquets
These games are best played in groups of couples to bring out their essence. As you proceed, you'll notice that most of these have a theme of bonding running through them, so when you're in these games with the significant other on that Valentines day banquet, it should be a whole lot of fun for you.
Candy Wraps
Let's start out with a fun party game for adults for the season. Have all the couples stand against a table which has bowls of candy wrapped in it. Make each of them wear mittens. At the blow of the whistle, each couple has to work through the bowl of candies, unwrap them and either eat them or transfer the open candy in an empty jar kept on the side. The mittens will make it so, so tough to get through the batch and there is bound to be a lot of nervous tension running through. The couple that manages to finish the entire batch, wins. Or the couple that has worked through the most candy wraps at the blow of the whistle, wins.
Tricky Questions
This game gets to the core of just how much the couples know each the lighter vein of course. Here's how it's played. Ask the male partners to leave the room while you ask the females a couple of questions regarding themselves. These could range from generic 'Which is your most favorite book' to a more personal 'When did he propose' (these are known to lead to a whole lot of fun). Then ask the male partners to come back into the room and answer the same questions about their wives. Do the same with the females sent out and the males answering questions about themselves. See which couple gets the most right answers. This game is known to have a lot of banter and comic disagreements.
Shoe Story
Ask all the women to take the shoe from their right leg and place it in the center of the room. The men have to be out of the room when this is done. The ladies then sit at the chairs while the men are brought in. At the blow of the whistle the men have to go into the center and locate the shoe of their female partners. The person who does it first, wins.
Blind Feeds
Blindfold the women and give them a bowl of pudding with a spoon. On the other end of the room, get all the male partners to sit on chairs with a cloth over their shirts. At the blow of the whistle, the men have to direct their partner over to them and then give them directions to feed them the pudding with the spoons, while the women are still blindfolded. The couple that manages to finish all the pudding, wins. This can get really messy and noisy, but it's one of the best ideas.
Candy-Flour Run
This is one of the most entertaining games that you can include at that party. At one end of the room, set up a table which has a paper plate filled with flour and a candy buried deep inside it. All the couples stand at the end of the room with their hands tied behind. At the blow of the whistle, one partner runs to the plate and retrieves the candy from inside the plate without using his hands and only the mouth. Once he retrieves the candy, he runs to his partner who is standing with a plastic cup in his/her mouth and drops the candy in. The partner then has to run to the side tables again on the other side of the room where the paper plates have been replaced by bowls by volunteers. The couple who manages to get the candy into that bowl first, wins.
There you go. Some of the best banquet games to choose from. Have these at that banquet party and the fun you'll have will be simply too much to handle. You'll see.
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