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Celebrate the Feeling of Love With These Valentine Banquet Ideas

Valentine Banquet Ideas
Celebrate the colors of Valentine's day! Have a red and white or red and pink color theme for your banquet.
Avanika Mote
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Valentine banquets can be set up on a theme. You also need to decide what kind of spirit your guests might be expecting from you - fun, warm, romantic, classy, or something different altogether.
Any Valentine banquet has got a few must-haves like candles, gifts, music, and above all, a lot of love in the air. A little extra effort beyond this can jazz up your Valentine banquet to a great extent.

Each Valentine day arrives with a tint of certain emotions. You have seen yet another beautiful year with your partner or loved one and have painted some memories with him/her. This day brings the time of the year, when you can let your partner know how special your life is with his/her mere presence. And that calls for a romantic and fun Valentine dinner ideas, don't you think?
romantic movie
Give a romantic movie themed dinner and ask your guest to dress up according to their favorite romantic movie characters. If you loved the movie Titanic, you can place a ship-structure in the center of your hall, hang some movie banners, or play the stills of all the love movies on a huge LCD screen. You can place a centerpiece of the ship titanic on each table or dress up like the movie stars!
An exotic theme worth trying is the Hawaiian theme. Arrange for some grass or hula skirts for the ladies, give each of them a silk hibiscus flower, and greet all the guests by putting a lei across their necks. Hawaiian theme is incomplete without fresh tropical fruits, drinks, and a tropical set up. A Hawaiian theme is a guaranteed success, if you can arrange it on a beach! Other exciting themes to try out include the vintage theme, the casino theme, and the outdoor garden/poolside theme.
red carpet entry
Decoration is the first thing that you need to plan for when hosting a Valentine party. A great idea could be a red carpet entry for all the guests. You can decorate the red carpet with tons of white rose petals, so that all the guests feel loved right at the entrance.

Try out fun decoration styles, like a heart-shaped table with pink-heart chairs. If that is too much to do and you have less time, you could pick up heart-shaped cushions and place them on the chairs to add a fun Valentine theme.
cupid centerpiece
You can place a beautiful Romeo and Juliet or a Cupid centerpiece on each table, along with some great floral decorations. If you have thought of serving the guests on the tables, make sure you set the table right with pretty napkins and plates.

Place elegant cards with every person's name on his respective table. It'll add to the elegance of the night. Another option that you can carry through is to have candles on the table. Balloons are also a great way to indicate the Valentine's theme.
Music is the language of love, and what would a Valentine banquet be without music? Soft classical love songs the whole evening might get repetitive and boring for all the guests. A karaoke setup that lets your guests choose their favorite songs and dedicate it to their loved ones will set an altogether different mood for your party.
live band
Young couples love listening to hip-hop, soft rock, and pop kind of love songs. What you can do is, have a live band instead. Ask them or a DJ to play a certain genre of music for a pre-decided time. That will also allow guests to listen to songs of their choice and keep them entertained throughout the party. An innovative idea could be to set a time limit for a particular genre of music.
finger foods
Guests invited for a banquet will always expect good and tasty food from the host. As a host, what you need to know is how to decide the right menu. Plan food according to the theme, but, make sure you choose dishes that are common favorites. Always keep more than two dishes per course of the meal, so that the guests will have alternatives to choose from. Chicken or fish entrée, steaks, pasta, appetizers, slaw and other veggie dishes, finger foods are some amazing options.
Valentine's day banquet is incomplete without an array of desserts. Go for favorites like cheesecake, fruits, cakes, and chocolates, etc. Think comfort food, or something that sounds and look tempting and romantic!
It will get easier if you arrange for several helpers. The guests should always be looked after with great hospitality. Ask a helper to go around and fill drinks for all the guests, followed by other helpers to serve the food to every single guest. After the main course has been served, get someone to clean up the used plates and fetch the desserts. Hiring a catering service is a smart choice, as it saves the trouble involved in choosing a menu, hiring helpers, and cleaning up. But do not neglect serving your guests and asking them about food and drinks. It will add a touch of personalization and the guests will feel they are being specially attended to.

One can also think of including the potluck theme in their banquet. If it's a smaller gathering and the theme can be brought into effect successfully, it is something that lends to greater comfort and flexibility for the host and a wider choice for everyone present.
Miscellaneous Fun Ideas
To keep your guests hooked onto the party happenings, introduce a couple of games when the music gets slower. Games like newly wed, the matchmaker, and match the couple (a blindfolded person finds his partner) are exciting games to spice up some chemistry!
Hire a professional photographer to click the golden and memorable moments of the invited couples.
Treat all your guests with a memento or souvenir related to the theme of the party, so that they feel pampered and will always remember the wonderful Valentine evening.
amusing titles
Another amusing idea would be giving titles to your guests. Unlike 'Best Couple' and 'Best Dressed' try something different this time, like 'The lady with the highest heels' or 'The man dressed in white from head-to-toe'.
raise a toast
You can hire a speaker or prepare a wonderful speech by yourself to raise a toast for the evening.
Valentine's Day Church Banquet
Celebrating Valentine's day in a church could be a great option. Here are a few ideas. You can decorate the entire church with scented candles and beautiful orchids. You can also place a pot or a huge heart shaped box in the church and ask each member to come forward, write a message for his/her partner and sing a song for their partner. These activities can help a couple who is going through troubled times in their relationship.

Another idea is to ask the women to get their wedding gowns and display them in a section and the husbands can be asked to identify their wife's gown. Sure to create a laughter riot. 

The Valentine banquet should always serve plenty of food. You can opt for traditional romantic food like steaks, chocolate desserts, etc. Asking teenage members to help in serving the food at the church is a great way to let them understand love, relationships, and marriage.
Whatever your chosen ideas be, the pièce de résistance of a Valentine Day remains the love and the passion the two lovers share! Happy Valentine's Day!
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