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Mini Tutorials to Make Quick and Personalized Valentine Boxes

Madhumita Shivade Feb 8, 2019
Thinking of what to gift your loved one on a Valentine's Day? How about Valentine's boxes made by you? Pinch your creative mind and read on.
It's Valentine's Day, and at the eleventh hour, you realize you need to buy gifts. You have the budget, but you wish to do something extraordinary this time, instead of plain expensive.
Finally, you decide to make homemade boxes to add a personal touch to your gift. Now, don't be confused as to how to go about it. Stop thinking, and just get all the materials mentioned here, before you get started.

You will require ...

Let's not make those typical heart shaped boxes. Circular, square-shaped or rectangular boxes are much better and can store more gifts. Shoe boxes or any other boxes with unattached lids work well.
All you need for decoration is ribbons, colored paper (of any type, velvet, simple, crape, etc.), a pair of scissors, glue, sticky tape, lots of cotton to cushion your gifts inside the box, sequins, color pens to write messages, and of course, a creative mind!

Boxes for Girlfriend

If your boyfriend gifts you a box on Valentine's day, you might faint with the thought that he literally made it. Boys are really not into decorating and crafting. However, if they make one, it sure is special. For all those guys who want to make their girl swoon with surprise, follow these instructions.
♦ Paint the box a romantic red, and draw a heart in the center of the box lid.
♦ Stick sequins on and around the heart, and fill it with tiny letters saying 'I Love You' all over.
♦ On the sides of the box, write things that give hints about the gifts inside the box.
♦ You may as well write a letter, and put it in a bottle that can sit inside the box.
♦ Instead of a cotton cushion, place a T-shirt that you have bought for her.
♦ Make a bracelet of colorful beads, and place it in the box; buy a cute pair of earrings, and drop them in.
♦ Add to the box, a frame having the picture of both of you.
♦ If you are planning to propose, just put the ring inside the box, and fill the whole box with kisses chocolates.

Boxes for Boyfriend

This is so exciting. The thought that the box is being made with your own warm hands, and that he is going to lovingly praise you with a peck on the cheek, makes you blush instantly.
♦ Color the box with his favorite color.
♦ Paste a picture of you both on the box, and frame it with sequins or tiny shells.
♦ On every side of the box, write the things that you like about him, or any funny love quotes. Even a poem for him may do.
♦ Inside the box, place a layer of soft cotton, and put gifts, like a gadget, a trendy wrist watch, a small flag of his favorite football team, an aftershave, or even chocolates.
♦ A quick tip, especially for this box: spray the perfume that you use everyday, and close the box. This will surely add some romance.

Boxes for Mommy and Daddy

Just see your parents' reaction after you gift them these boxes. They'll be overjoyed.
♦ Cover the two shoe boxes by pasting a pink or blue velvet paper on all the sides of each box. Why specifically these colors? This is, because when you were born, they bought everything for you either in pink or blue (depending on whether you're a girl or a boy).
♦ Stick sequins in pretty patterns.
♦ Inside these boxes, place a nice layer of cotton, and put small gifts, like a small knitted purse, an elegant bracelet, a watch, or a nice, scented hand cream tube, for your mother. For your dad, you can put in a key chain, a mug, a tie, and cufflinks.
♦ Tie the boxes with a snazzy ribbon.
♦ If you are wondering how to decorate the portion beneath the cover, just add a photograph of you and your parents in it.

Boxes for Your Kids

You can never tell how much you love your kids. Though their list of gifts is longer than the grocery list, you can at least buy a few.
♦ Cover the box with their favorite cartoon character gift-wrapping paper.
♦ Make a collage of their childhood pictures, and tie the box with ribbons.
♦ Make two types of coupons, one with all their favorite eatables that you can cook, and the other with toys that they want as gifts. Make 5 chits with their favorite eatable written in them, and 5 other chits with different toys they wish to get. Ask them to pick 2 chits from each category when they open the box.
♦ Wrap chocolates, and place them in the box.
♦ You can also put in some purchased gift coupons of their favorite book store.
These were some Valentine's box ideas. Making these on your own can be real fun. After all, you have added a personal touch to whatever you have bought for your loved one.