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Ideas for Valentine's Day Centerpieces

Stephen Rampur Feb 1, 2019
This Valentine, if you are planning something nice at home for your partner, then a themed centerpiece is one thing that you might need to have. A red-colored one is an obvious choice. Here are few ideas for making a Valentine's day centerpiece using your own creativity.
Although red roses capture the Valentine theme perfectly, you can also experiment with other options like red carnations, red Gerberra daisies, red-colored pine cones, red cherries, red candies, red balloons, etc., for centerpieces and decoration.
If planning a Valentine's day party and looking for appropriate decoration, then make sure you arrange a beautiful Valentine's day centerpiece, besides other things. Centerpieces attract the most attention in a party.
Even if you are having a small private dinner for your Valentine and yourself at home, you would definitely want a nice centerpiece on the table where you two will be dining.
As mentioned here, using a red-colored centerpiece is an obvious choice for Valentine's day theme, but, make sure you also use other colors like green, white, orange, etc., to match and contrast. Flowers and candles are all-time popular centerpiece ideas.
When it comes to Valentine's day centerpieces, you can be creative and prepare simple, attractive decorations at home. Given here are some pictures and ideas for making your own valentines day centerpiece.

Some Ideas

♦ A simple centerpiece could be a glass bowl, filled with cracked ice crystals, with some red and pink candles floating on the top.
♦ If you don't quite like the idea of floating candles, you can use a red-colored pillar candle with decorations around the centerpiece.
♦ Arrange a vase with fresh red roses, and a note reading 'my love' or 'sweetheart'.
♦ Arrange a short vase full of different types of flowers covering the vase completely, and two pillar candles placed in the center of the flowers.
♦ Use a heart-shaped basket as a base. Put some florist's foam in the basket and top with fresh red roses along with some flowers of contrasting colors.
♦ A simple and inexpensive idea that you can use is to take a few bottles, fill each of them up with a single-stem rose, and place them in a square or circle at the center of the table.
♦ Get 2 glass vases, one small one and another bigger one. Place the roses in the smaller vase, then place that vase in the bigger transparent vase, and in between the two, you can put anything like candies and petals to give it a unique appearance.
♦ As a last-minute option, make a centerpiece with candies. Just take an attractive bowl, fill with candies, and top with a lovely note!
♦ Another good idea would be red and pink roses joined in the shape of a heart, and set in the middle of table.

Ready-made Kits

If you do not want the hassle of making customized centerpieces, or you simply don't have the time, you have the option of using centerpiece kits which are easily available at your local decoration and festival product stores. These kits will have all the things needed for making a good centerpiece.
Some common things include Valentine's day flags and flagpoles, Valentine decoration, glitters, confetti, red and pink ribbons, artificial roses or other flowers, silk rose petals, etc.
The contents in these kits largely depend on what type of centerpiece you want to make, so you can express your preference to the salesman before choosing one. Whichever idea you choose, make sure to add a personal touch to it. And then you are all set to have a great time on this very special day.