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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to Make Him Happy

Rujuta Borkar Feb 8, 2019
Valentine's Day gift ideas for him. Now what can some of these be? Keep reading and you'll know exactly what.
So guys are not into the whole romantic mush that we girls are into (that's something of an understatement, huh?). Bummer. 'Cause wouldn't it have been easier to plan a romantic day and gift them something, just by following the instincts of what we want for Valentine's Day. But not for the guys.
So then what could be some of the best Valentine's Day gift for him, if romance is not to be showcased with neon lights? Here's what we say you do, read this, and by the end of it, you'll have what you need from among the Valentine's Day gifts for guys. Get your pen and paper out and let the thinking spree begin.

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Use ideas from this list for your Valentine's Day. The great deal is that these Valentine's Day gift ideas have a universal appeal that follow through for many, many years.
And, we know that it's a little late and pulling it kinda close to Valentine's Day to be looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for him, but hear me out―most of these gifts have been especially chosen so that you can arrange them as a last minute thing as well. Sounds good? We are sure it would.

Love Book

Now we're talking, huh? And you know he'll love this gift.  And what if you have a slightly bolder outlook to life? Write him an love story with you as the main characters. You show him who's in charge with this unique Valentine's Day gift.

Gift Basket... of Naughtiness

Give him a gift basket or a Valentine's box with everything that is cheeky... in short, a basket of naughty thoughts.
Satin shorts, handcuffs, love booklets, love games... just get it all in one big box. The effects of this one will last for a long, long time.

Gift Basket (Alternative)

OK, so it doesn't have to be only a naughty Valentine's gift basket, it can be a utility Valentine's Day gift basket as well. But that sounds really boring, so then how to make this one special?
Make a list of all the things that he might like but does not buy 'cause he thinks it amounts to splurging. Ties, cuff links, a favorite perfume, sports equipment, etc, etc. The choices, there are many, and each will change according to what your special someone likes. So go all out and get this one done.

A 'Tease Him' Marathon

And we mean T.E.A.S.E.! How? On Valentine's Day or a day before, start out by keeping a piece of your clothing (delicate clothing) in his briefcase. When he gets to work and opens the bag... that frilly negligee is going to make him think of you (and how!)
Don't forget to spritz your signature perfume on it... or better still, spritz some on his tie while he's in the bath so that all day through, he keeps thinking about you.
Turn the teasing into slow torture by sending him messages all day through ... by the time he gets home, he'll be completely turned on and you'll greet him at the door with something great... what will follow should make for a great Valentine's Day gift for him... and you.

More and Some More

These aren't enough? Here are some other ideas that you can pick from. Guaranteed awesomeness:
♥ Write him a card/page of the top reasons why you love him. Ego boost on Valentine's Day, no less.
♥ Draw up a bath with hot water and salts.
♥ Breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day. Or a home cooked dinner. He'll love this one.
♥ A gift set of his favorite serial's DVDs on air.
♥ Plan a quiet evening at home. Pop in your most favorite film, and for later, a dancing session. Nice and relaxed.
Tell us you haven't got some of the best ideas here. You have, right? Then go, go, get to these Valentine's gifts and make this Valentine's Day a day to remember for both of you. Have a great Valentine's!