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Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Rujuta Borkar Feb 8, 2019
Valentine's Day gifts. How does that sound? Perfect, if you're planning on gifting someone something really special, right? Here are some of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas.
Valentine's Day will be here soon... You saying it's a month and little away? It's closer than you're imagining. All the plans well thought of? Last minute bustling, perhaps? So what are you planning this year? A quiet dinner at home? A Valentine's Day party at a friend's place? Or maybe a romantic evening out in town? Good, good. All that sounds nice.
And what are you doing about the Valentine's Day gift? Cause of course there has to be that. That's what adds that little something sweet to the whole day, right? Plus at the end of the day, who doesn't like a gift? When it's Valentine's Day, the probability of a romantic gift is just that much more special...at least that's what we think.
In keeping with that thought, if it's Valentine's gifts you're looking for, then you really should be scouting this year's top gifts list. This list will give you some ideas that are in vogue as we speak, err, read. If you need a perfect gift for that special someone, then here's exactly what you want. Read and take notes from these Valentine's Day gifts.

Gifts for Her

This day? Yeah, pretty much one of the best days for us. Think flowers, roses, mush, poems, red hearts...we want all that. Really. It's just how it is and we can't help it. So maybe you aren't a hopeless romantic and coming up with mush is beyond you, but try, alright? Here are some of the best gifts that you can choose from for that lady friend. 


You know she'll love it even before you start. That's what makes this Valentine gift really special. Go all out. Think aromatic oils, flavored candles, soft romantic music, bath salts, and strong hands (your strong hands).
After the massage (and maybe some other things) you can have her lie down on the softest Turkish bath towel you can find. Heaven. No better way to spend the most romantic day of the year. Special finger foods and some great wine, and you've just about made her year with this idea for unusual romantic gift. Swear.

Jewelry Set

Cliché? No, no. Not if you know how to make this Valentine idea work. Don't go in for the same old generic heart shaped white diamond stone. There is so much variety out there that you'll be completely astounded.
Think stones and colors, think mix and match. Think chunky jewelry or dainty sets (if she's into that). Crystals and metals is also another great choice to look into. And there's no need to stick to simple earrings and a necklace set. Foray into watches, rings and bracelets as well. It'll be worth it.

Jewelry Boxes

A girly gift no doubt, but this one is really fun to have. Gift her an exquisite jewelry box that is carved or has stones set in it. 
If your local market does not offer any, then there are certain sites that have Indian jewelry cases with fine works like paintings and carvings set in beautiful colors and stones. It's something new and useful, don't you think? Oh and don't forget to put something in the box, so that when she opens it, more surprise comes pouring in.

Heart Gift Basket

Maybe this Valentine's box is not for everyone, especially if she's not really into hearts. In which case you stay far away from this one and take a pick from the others that have been mentioned here.
But if she is into hearts, make a day of it and go all out. How? Anything that is hearts goes in that basket - key chains, stuffed red heart cushions, jewelry sets, shirts with hearts on them, heart-shaped dial watches...just about anything. Then all year through will be a repeat of the excitement of Valentine's Day, simply by looking at all things heart.

Surprise Date

You're not the only one who wants to celebrate Valentine's Day by going out in the eve for a romantic dinner. That is probably the most common plan for the day. You agree?
So why not beat the crowd, do away with the same-old trodden path and put a different plan in place? Why don't the two of you ditch work or college and get to another city? Give yourself a whole day of romance. Do some sight-seeing, go sit in the cinema (don't watch the film) and do whatever else comes to mind. What an awesome gift, this one.

Gifts for Him

So for the guys, it's not necessary that the gifts have to be all romantic. They can have a utility value as well. But maybe a little romance won't hurt. On that note, let's get to the best Valentine's Day gift ideas, shall we?

Black hookah

Although many people are not really a fan of this one, it seems to be one of the best Valentine gifts to gift a guy. It evokes a royal feeling just sitting there and blowing smoke rings into the air. 
To make it even more special, there are many, many flavors that you can choose from. And of course the Sheesha (which is what it is called in Arabia and India) itself comes in several different shades. So much choice with this unique Valentine's Day gift.

Soft Robe

You think it's girly? Who's asking him to wear it out? You be with him when he wears it. Problem solved.
Also, the important thing here is the way it feels to touch. So soft, so cuddly and so comfortable. Once you get him in there, try it just once and he won't want to shed it. You should also give him a pair of fluffy slippers and it'll be a truly complete gift.

Pin-Up Girl Poster

...a poster, girls. Not what you're thinking. This one's way up there on the cheeky gifts list. So what you do is find this really beautiful pin up girl poster and gift it to him. 
It'll tickle him to no end and give you something to tease him about. So what if you don't want to gift him a pin up poster....why don't you take a beautiful picture of yourself and then gift it to him? Nothing like this Valentine's Day gift to make him happy.
And there you have it, some of the best Valentine's Day gifts for your picking. Now all you have to do is find that perfect gift from these (or gift 'em all, why not) and make this Valentine's really, really special. Have a great one, guys. Happy Valentine's Day in advance.