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Valentine's Day Ideas For Couples

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 8, 2019
Valentine's Day is a day to cherish your love. Here are a few Valentine's Day ideas for couples that you can experiment with.
There are many stories related to Valentine's Day. The legend has it, that Saint Valentine was a young priest of Rome, who served under Emperor Claudius II, in the third century. The Emperor realized that young men made better soldiers and he decided to outlaw marriage of young men. Valentine disagreed to this and continued to get young lovers married.
When Claudius learned of this, he imprisoned Valentine and awarded him with death sentence. Saint Valentine was killed on the 14th of February, which is also the day he first sent a card to his love signed, 'From your Valentine'. The girl he sent it to is believed to be the jailer's daughter, who he fell in love with during confinement.
Ever since, couples all over the globe choose the 14th of February every year to express their love in special ways to the one they desire. Valentine's Day is celebrated with great love and fervor. And there is so much you can do to engulf that special someone with love and warmth.
Regular things like dinners, picnics, gifts, surprises can be customized and personalized in such a way that they become special and memorable instantly. So, what's your plan for this 14th of February? Here are a few romantic ideas for Valentine's Day so that you don't miss out on all the love.

Ideas for Valentine's Day

Romantic Getaway

There is always a place that you want to visit. Walk through its lanes, discover the art, and watch the sunset at the end of the trip. So what are you waiting for? This Valentine's Day is the right time for it.
A small trip to a nearby place is the best Valentine's gift for him. Just follow your heart this Valentine's, to feel the love in the air. See a completely new place and fall in love all over again, in a place that would be etched in the journey of love, forever and ever!

Renew Your Vows

This one Valentine's Day idea is specifically meant for the married couples. Renew those vows you made to each other this 14th of February. If you were in love with him/her to get married then, in that case now is the time to fall in love all over again.
Renew your vows on a cruise ship or at a top-of-line hotel, with your children, friends, and relatives. If you are not married, don't be dismayed. Propose to the love of your love now. What could be a better time than this to say 'I love you'.

Romantic Dinner

This is my favorite. Cook him the most romantic dinner with an abundance of aphrodisiacs. Open a bottle of fine wine and savor it over a candlelit dinner, beneath the starry sky.
Enjoy every bit of the meal in each others company, which is priceless. Do we really need to tell you, what happens after dinner under the effects of wine??!!?? Go get some passionate action, people!

Take Things A Step Forward

If you are in a stage where things are not exactly casual anymore and yet the time is not right to propose marriage right away, then you can do this as a couple. Get yourselves a pet. Share the custody of the cat or dog as a couple.
This step will indicate that things are definitely moving steadily ahead, but there is no pressure to rush into lifelong commitments just yet. Taking care of an animal will let the two of you know how good you guys are at sharing responsibilities and instill trust and faith in each other.
However, please understand that adopting pets is a matter of seriousness and not something to be done out a day's passionate whimsy. Do not do this if you are not sure whether you really want something serious and for keeps with this particular person.

A Day of Pure Romance

Since you are a couple, demanding lives leave little room for romance. Take a day off your busy lives and spend the day with each other. Wake up with your love by your side.
Sip the early morning tea in the garden, while you are cuddled up in a warm fuzzy blanket. Let some passionate romance heat up between you two. Cook some exotic lunch together, as the noon gets dirty every minute. As the dawn turns to dusk, make most of every breathing moment on this Valentine's Day.
We hope these ideas for Valentine's Day reignite the romance in your life and make your bond stronger and forever! Happy Valentine's Day!