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Here are 6 Cute Valentine's Day Ideas for Long-distance Couples

6 Valentine's Day Ideas for Long-distance Couples
So what if you're in a long-distance relationship? You can still celebrate the special day of February 14 with the same zestfulness and enthusiasm. Long-distance couples can celebrate Valentine's Day together, irrespective of the fact that one of them stays in another city, country, or continent. Have a candlelight dinner or coffee date over video chat, and talk for hours!
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"I believe in the immeasurable power of love; that true love can endure any circumstance and reach across any distance."

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This much-coveted day brings a great deal of expectations along, where you tend to imagine everything to be simply 'perfect', and when you realize that the one presence you need the most is missing, the whole idea of a so-called celebration appears to be a totally worthless thought. Knock knock, remind yourself that you don't live in the ancient century!

You are blessed with a technologically-advanced environment, where you can get in touch with each other―from any corner of the world―within seconds. With Wi-Fi, internet, mobile phones, messenger apps, and the like, all you need is a bit of planning and creativity to share the specialness of this day with each other.

Well, as you might have gauged, technology has made it so easy for two people to stay close to each other. Though it is not the same as it is when one is physically present, at least you get to see the person through a camera, hear their soothing voice, and make each other feel that if not the body, love, gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates, and baked sweets can travel any distance. Have a great Valentine's Day!
6 Creative Ideas for Long-distance Lovers
Begin the day with a heartfelt message and phone call in the morning
early morning call
A day that starts well, ends well. So, begin this special day by sending a sweet message in the morning, telling your lover how you wish you were next to him/her this day. However, assure that you've planned a perfect date for the two of you, and the day ahead will be full of sweet surprises.
How to go about it: Your special message has to be the first thing your valentine sees after waking up. If you are using messaging apps such as BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp, you will easily know that the message has been read. Once you know that your sweetheart is awake, place a call and say something that leaves him/her wanting for more. We don't need to write a dialog script for you now ... do we?
Surprise your lover with some unexpected gifts during the day
chain of surprises
Have a couple of romantic gifts including flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, or handwritten love letters, lined up evenly throughout the day. A special gift such as a teddy bear, a perfume, or anything that your mate is crazy for, should also be included among the many surprises you have in store for your valentine.
How to go about it: Plan these in such a way that they are evenly distributed throughout the day. For instance, have a bouquet made from his/her favorite flowers, delivered at the doorstep right in the morning, perhaps when he/she is ready to leave for college or work. Send a handwritten love letter along with the bouquet. Gradually, have some sweets (cupcakes, chocolates, cakes) sent at the workplace, or wherever he/she will be during the day.
How about a movie together in the evening?
movie date
Are you trying to re-read the previous line, for it really didn't make sense as you guys are not physically together? Relax, you read that right! You can have a movie night together, in an unconventional kinda way.
How to go about it: We are sure you guys have a favorite movie, or perhaps, a recent release that you both wish to see? Get the DVD of that movie and plan a fixed time when you both will be free for a good 2 to 3 hours. Prepare some crispy popcorn and dial your sweetheart's number. Enjoy the movie together and share your comments over the phone.

PS: If you're using a cell phone, ensure that its battery is charged, and also that you don't run out on the talktime.
Book a candlelight dinner over a video chat at night
candlelight dinner
It's time to dress up now. Why? Because you're gonna have dinner over a video chat, darling!

How to go about it: Light some candles and decorate your place with flowers. Ask your lover to do the same at his/her end as well. Wear your best cocktail dress, perhaps your lover's favorite one.

Through video chat, not only can you eat together, but perhaps even cook together. And if you like Indian cuisine while your valentine loves Chinese, you needn't worry about this difference in preferences.
Give a midnight or early morning surprise: Drop by!
midnight surprise
This would be the best Valentine's Day gift for anyone who wasn't expecting their valentine around them this day! Now, you might say that this idea could be a little difficult to execute, but hey, where there is a will, there is definitely a way!

How to go about it: Just ring the doorbell at midnight, or in the morning and surprise your beloved. Imagine the look on his/her face when you smile and hug him/her tightly to make him/her believe that it's for real.
Plan a holiday together, perhaps next weekend?
weekend getaway
Can't make it on February 14th? Why not plan the meeting at a later date, the next weekend, perhaps? If your valentine is really upset about the fact that you wouldn't be around this day, what would be the second-best gift to cheer him/her up?
How to go about it: We love the fact that some airlines offer discounts on their airfare this day. They are not great discounts, but yes, any privilege is better than none. Instead of saying it out plainly, you can send a customized e-card, or create a collage with the pictures of the tickets and the place; do this before the tickets get delivered. You guys can spend the day planning about the trip, while enjoying in the aforementioned ways, as well.