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Vampire Contact Lenses

If you are to dress up like a vampire for Halloween or a fancy dress party, then, along with the costume, use vampire contact lenses. Know more about decorative contact lenses.
Madhura Pandit Oct 19, 2018
Contact lenses are usually used as an alternative to glasses. But, recently, as celebrities are often seen sporting them, colored contact lenses are in vogue and are used as fashion accessories. A vampire or Halloween lens is nothing but a type of colored eye lens.

An Overview on Halloween Contact Lenses

Having bloodshot eyes is one of the characteristic traits of vampires. Now, creating the exact look of Edward Cullen, or Van Helsing vampires is easy, thanks to vampire contact lenses. They are Plano or cosmetic (decorative) contact lenses.
They are used only as fashion accessories and not for enhancing eyesight. Secondly, as these lenses are painted externally, they do not interfere with your vision. So, the world around you will not appear red if you wear red-colored lens.
Typical vampire lenses are red and black in color, i.e, having red iris and black pupil. They are available in different colors and patterns. You can also buy lenses in solid or fluorescent colors; or colored ones that glow in the dark.
Bloodshot eye contact lenses like that of Dracula are a universal favorite. On the other hand, you can sport lenses resembling eyes of a cat, a zombie or even a werewolf.

Buying Decorative Contact Lenses

Colored eye lenses are found in boutiques and tattoo parlors. You also get them at Halloween costume stores or flea markets. Secondly, you can shop for them online on the Internet. As a word of caution, note that it is not at all advisable to buy contact lenses from cheap and untrustworthy stores, as they can cause irritation to the eye.

Precautions to Undertake

As it directly touches the sensitive part of eyes, you have to be very careful about its quality before wearing it. Using low quality ones can damage your vision. Secondly, improper use of colored or decorative contact lenses can lead to ophthalmic problems. Irritation or infection in eye is a common complaint observed on using cheap lens.
Similar to ordinary ones, decorative lenses should be fitted only under the supervision of an optometrist or a medical practitioner. The lens must be cleaned and disinfected before use. Also, remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching the contact lens. This will prevent chances of eye infection.
You must never share your contact lenses with others. You should also clean the lens with a specified cleaner before and after its use. If you take proper care, your lenses may last for nearly a year or so.
Vampire contact lenses are perfect for you, if you are ready to have a unique and spectacular appearance. Make a thrilling appearance at a party with your perfect attire and spine-chilling look. Follow the necessary precautions and be ready to scare your friends with a spooky look! Good luck!