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Vampire Costume Ideas for Kids

Geeta Dhavale Oct 17, 2018
It is not new to run out of ideas for dressing up your kids for the upcoming Halloween season. This year, do the classics. We teach you how to keep it minimalist, original, and classy. That, and a few more tips to ensure comfort and safety throughout the night.
So, you are worried about what your kid will wear for the Halloween party? Here are some easy and unique ideas. Halloween comes once a year and if your children feel like celebrating it, then you should let them.
But, you must also tell them that it is just a ritual and superstition, in which people have believed since ages. This will not only teach them the significance of the day, but will also let them enjoy the occasion to the fullest. That includes being dressed up in the best and most appropriate costume.
Many schools organize Halloween parties and events in the school. You must take certain precautions so that the mishaps can be avoided in such crowded places. Given here are some important things that you must keep in mind before designing a costume.
  • Choose outfits that suit your children well and provide utmost comfort.
  • Choose a fabric that is heat-resistant to minimize the risks of injury that can be caused by the lighted candles.
  • Make sure that the attachments to the dress, such as cloaks, bat wings, collars, etc., are fixed to the main outfit properly.
  • The hairstyle should be compatible with the dress and your child should be able to carry it with ease.
  • Teach your children to wear high heels and oversize shoes during such parties with confidence and ease. If your children are not comfortable with these accessories, it may lead to accidents.
  • Avoid overuse of colors, paints, and makeup on the skin as children have sensitive and fragile skin.
  • Go for natural colors for makeup and try some organic face painting ideas.
  • Ensure that all the props and accessories have no sharp edges to avoid any injury.
  • Vampire parties are held in the dark, so make sure that the outfit has something flashy or radiant so that he or she can be visible even in the dark.
  • If your kid is going to wear a Halloween mask then make assured breathing arrangements in it, so that they don't feel suffocated or uncomfortable with it.
You must keep this pointers in mind while designing creative Halloween costumes for kids, so that maximum safety is ensured allowing your children to enjoy to the fullest. Given here are some vampire costume ideas that you can try.

Vampire Costumes For Girls

Idea #1: Buy a nice long gown for your daughter in red or black color along with a vampire collar. The darker and deeper the color, the more intense would be the look. Get a nice pair of black shoes and her outfit is ready. Give her a black or red stick to hold in hand. Apply light smoky eye makeup, and she is ready to scare people.
Idea #2: If you are up for homemade costumes, then this is going to be a resourceful idea for you. If your daughter has a black dress or a frock at home, embellish it with red sequins or red lace to give it a classic vampire look. Also, add the lace to the hem and neck of the frock.
Get her a pair of black stockings. Tie the red lace on the stockings to create the red and black stripe pattern.Tie a messy hair bun and prepare a good vampire collar of cardboard and tie it properly around her neck. Complete the look with a pair of shiny, black shoes.

Vampire Costumes For Boys

Idea #1: This outfit, you can stir up with stuff that you already have at home, no need to buy new clothes. Bring out those black pants and white or red shirt from the cupboard. Also, take out that old unused black cloth and turn it into a classic cloak.
You can also make a vampire collar with that. Now dress your son properly, fix the cloak and the collar neatly. Give him a black pair of shoes. Now, paint his face completely in white, except the lips and area around the eyes which should be painted with red and black color respectively.
Idea #2: For this look, all you need is black pants and a crisp, black shirt along with black shoes. This is one of the most sophisticated vampire costumes. Trim hair shorter and comb them neatly to look like an underworld vampire.
Groom your son well and color only one eye in black and get fake vampire Dracula style dentures which are enough to scare the hell out of people.
With these ideas, your children are certainly going to look like the stylish original vampires this Halloween and enjoy the occasion to the hilt. Even frighten the real vampires to death, maybe!