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Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Deepa Kartha Jun 18, 2019
Many people get perplexed when it comes to choosing anniversary gifts for their spouse. Usually, one faces a dilemma and is not able to come across the perfect one. Here, we provides a list of wedding anniversary gift ideas, so that one can choose the best gift for his/her spouse.
"A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year." - Paul Sweeney.
The quote emphasize the significance of a wedding anniversary. It is a day that not only marks the union of the couple, but also celebrates their togetherness. Hence, it is surely a special day for couples.
To make this day special as well as memorable, couples give gifts to each other. Gifts express the love and respect that the husband and wife have for each other. However, many times people run out of ideas when it comes to buying a gift for their spouse. Here are some different options that may help one decide the best gift.

Popular Ideas

These gifts can be classified into traditional and modern ones. While the traditional gift emphasizes on one that is made of a specific material which is sorted according to the year of marriage, the modern-day gifts do not have any rules and regulations. Hence, here is a blend of traditional as well as modern wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Gift Ideas for Wife


Jewelry is the best bet when it comes to buying a gift for one's wife. It is available in different metals, styles, and shapes. The choice can be made according to her taste.
Though diamonds are something that are considered to be a perfect anniversary gift, one could also choose jewelry made of other precious stones embedded in silver, gold, or platinum.

Second Honeymoon

Another idea would be to take her for a second honeymoon. One can either keep the whole thing as a surprise or plan it together. Also, one can either go to the same place of their first honeymoon or visit a place that both had been wanting to visit for a long time.
Make sure to book the air tickets and also plan the itinerary well in advance, so that one can have a relaxed and fun honeymoon for the second time.

Romantic Dinner

If she is a busy woman juggling between her job and household duties, a romantic dinner date would be the right choice. Plan the dinner at a hotel or arrange it at one's own home.
If the dinner date is at a hotel, make arrangements with the hotel authorities to serve the wife's favorite champagne as soon as you both are seated. This can be followed by a live romantic music, preferably one that was played on one's wedding day.
If the dinner date is at home, make sure that one makes an arrangement for the kids to be sent to one's friends' or relatives' place. One can order the food from a restaurant or cook it at home itself. Decorate the place with candle lights and have a memorable evening with light music playing in the background.

Gift Ideas for Husband

Hobby Gifts

If one's husband loves to indulge in a particular hobby, a gift related to that hobby will be thoughtful and useful. Most men are sport lovers and if they themselves love to play some kind of sport, what would be better than a kit related to that sport.
For instance, if golf is something that he is crazy about, a new golf kit along with accessories would be a perfect idea. This could be accompanied by books and magazines on that particular sport. On the other hand, if gardening is something that he loves to do on weekends, a gardening kit would be a good choice.

Electronic Gadgets

Men are known to be gadget freaks and love to be updated on the latest inventions and models. So, if he is a gadget lover, the latest electronic item can be a good choice.
The electronic gadgets that can be gifted are laptop, DVD player, iPod, or even some other thing that he has been wanting for a long time. One can check the latest model on the Internet and give him a nice surprise.
Apart from the aforementioned gift ideas, there are some other ideas that would make one's anniversary a memorable one. Rather than giving an expensive gift, a letter or a love poem written in one's own handwriting can be a unique 1st wedding anniversary gift.
If it is your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, make arrangements to renew the wedding vows. In short, rather than concentrating on the money that is spent, focus on a gift that will be cherished by your spouse for the rest of his/her life.