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Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year to Cherish the Romance Forever

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Wedding anniversary gifts are a token of eternal love and bonding you share with your life partner. It may be your 1st, or the 5th, or may be even the 50th one, and you can still be in two minds about the perfect gift. This CelebrationJoy post has a few ideas that are sure to help.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Wedding anniversaries are undoubtedly special for every married person. When you look back and see your footprints in the sands of time, you will realize you have carved a lane of beautiful memories, which you can often visit, in times of solace and relaxation. Gifts on these occasions can help you strengthen your relationship and take it to a higher level, as the emotions invested in them will give you sweet memories to cherish forever.
Ideas for Symbolic Wedding Anniversary
The following table presents some symbolic gifts that are customary to gift on wedding anniversary gifts by year.
Wedding Year Traditional Gifts Modern Gifts
1st Paper Clocks, plastic, Gold jewelry
5th Wood Silverware, Sapphire
10th Tin, Aluminum Diamond jewelry
15th Crystal Glass, Watches, Ruby
20th China Platinum, Emerald
25th Silver Sterling Silver
30th Pearl Diamond
35th Coral (Jade) Jade
40th Ruby Ruby, Garnet
45th Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold Gold
60th Diamond Gold, Diamond
75th Platinum Diamonds, Gold

For 1st Year...
So, you have spent one year together and it seems that you got married just yesterday. Well, time for something to gift the person that she/he can enjoy and really get surprised. The first wedding anniversary gifts should be such that they signify a promise for spending a lifetime together. You can gift a photo frame, a watch or some jewelry in the form of bracelets, pendants etc. You can also include something special that you have discovered about the person, as now you know him/her closely. Use your creativity to make your partner feel cherished.
For the 5th Year
A bonding of 5 years is a sure cause of celebration, as it is considered to be the first step towards strengthening the relationship. According to the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, wood symbolizes the 5th wedding anniversary. If you are gifting a jewelry set, then try to gift it in an intricately carved wooden jewelry box. If you are thinking of a photo frame, then it would be great if you can select a nice wooden one.
For the 25th Year
Completing silver jubilee of your married life is a great achievement in today's fast paced life, when the number of divorces have risen drastically every year. The best thing is to plan a long vacation and spend some quality time with each other. In case you wish to gift a couple for their 25th wedding anniversary, try to choose something that suits their age. A spa voucher, or a membership of a yoga club, or even a gym membership is a caring gift that the husband/wife can gift each other.
For the 50th Year
The golden jubilee embarks couples on an altogether a new journey of continuing 50 years of dedication, trust, care and love. Some of the gifts that couples can gift each other are the tour packages to visit places of spiritual and religious interest. The idea of including some fun and frolic is not at all a bad one. Either of the two can throw a surprise party. For example, the wife can invite all the friends of her husband and give him a grand surprise! A bottle of champagne or 50 gourmet chocolates can also be a sweet and simple gift.
Gifts From Friends and Relatives
Years of togetherness is a milestone in the life of a couple. To make this special, friends, family members and near ones can throw a party for the couple. They can gift the couple something that complements their age and they should also not forget to include the fun element in the gift. Throw a theme-based party and treat the couple as a king and queen. Try to make them feel special and let them bask in the glory of many years of bonding they have shared with each other.
The couple can be gifted gold plates with messages encrypted on them or tickets to a European cruise. A unique gift for your parents or the couple would be to give them a personalized painting. Take a copy of their wedding photo and get it nicely transformed into hand painted oil on canvas or other forms of designs. Choose from a number of customization options that are available.
Wedding anniversary gifts form a bridge of beautiful memories for the couple and make their wedding a day to remember. When you are presenting the gifts, you can ask the couple to renew their wedding vows. This will surely make them feel blessed and happy.