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Wedding Anniversary Party Planning

Chandramita Bora Jun 18, 2019
A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love and marriage. It is a special occasion for a married couple, and therefore, the anniversary party should be equally special and elegant. So, here are some simple tips on how plan a wedding anniversary party.
A marriage anniversary is the occasion, where a couple cherish and rejoice the sweet memories of the moments spent together. It is also the perfect time to share this joy with close friends and relatives, and receive their good wishes and blessings.
The wedding anniversary can become all the more special and romantic, if it's the 1st or the 50th anniversary. A 50th wedding anniversary can be an experience and achievement of a lifetime. Whether it is the 1st or the 50th anniversary, a perfect party is the best way to make it a memorable event for everyone.

Party Arrangements

A successful party requires proper planning that should incorporate every aspect of the party, right from the venue, invitation, and decoration, to party food and games.

The Venue

The party venue can play a key role in the success of a party. It is better to make a list of all the guests, and then look for a beautiful venue. Consider all the options, i.e., hotels, restaurants, social clubs, or community halls.
Sometimes, your house can also be a perfect venue, if it has enough space for the guests. Your lawn and garden can be a really interesting venue to create the right atmosphere for celebrating your anniversary.


A simple, but creative invitation card can go a long way to make the occasion even more special.
You can either go to a store, and select a card that is suitable for your party theme, or you can make invitation cards at home by putting some personal efforts that will be surely appreciated by all.
You can use old photographs, especially of the wedding to make some really romantic cards. You can decorate them with glitters, stars, and exquisite floral designs to create some unique and customized invitation cards.
If possible, write down some romantic quotes, or quotes on marriage on the cards. Such handmade invitation cards with a personal touch will surely make the party very special.

Party Decoration

Decoration is an integral part of any party that helps create the right atmosphere for celebration. First of all, decide the kind of look you want to create. Accordingly, make a complete list of the items that will be required for this purpose.
Do not forget to think about a color scheme. If you want to create an elegant, but simple look, consider white or silver color. Include white flowers, linen, as well as white balloons to create a serene and classic ambiance. Pink is a romantic color, which can also be used for an anniversary party decoration.
If you are planning a 50th wedding anniversary party, then the perfect color scheme is golden and white. The standard color should be golden, while you can include violet flowers for decoration, as they are generally used to symbolize this grand occasion.
You can include both golden and white or ivory-colored decorating items, or choose items that combine both the colors. For table decoration, you can use elegant candles decorated with golden tulle.

Party Games

Last but not the least, party games can make the event more entertaining and enjoyable. No party can be complete without some fun party games.
Musical chairs, anniversary trivia quiz, caught in the middle, and charades are some of the well-known and popular games for making a party more interesting and lively. These games give an opportunity to the guests to become familiar with each other.
While planning an anniversary party, always take into account the priorities of the couple, i.e., whether the couple likes a formal or an informal party. Many couples prefer an intimate gathering consisting of a few close friends and relatives. In such a situation, organizing a formal party with much pomp and grandeur may not serve the purpose.