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How to Write Graceful and Heartwarming Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wedding Anniversary Wishes
Wedding anniversary wishes should make your loved ones feel special. It is a time to celebrate love and the remarkable bond that you share. Here are some memorable verses that you can use to express your love to your dear ones.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018
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Wedding anniversary, which is the anniversary of the date on which a couple took their vows, is definitely a very special day. Every year you must come up with innovative gift ideas and try to make your better half feel special. If you want your relationship to grow stronger, you need to find new and exciting ways to express your love. You must enjoy this journey of life together, nurturing each other and cherishing love.

Every kiss, every touch and every gesture of love will make a remarkable difference to your love life. You can have a wonderful relationship if you have the knack of saying the right words at the right time. On this happy occasion, rekindle your love and be ready with meaningful wedding anniversary wishes for your significant other.

Wishes for the First Wedding Anniversary

The first anniversary marks the completion of one year of married life. Get a wonderful gift for your spouse. You can also make use of these verses to express your love.
  • My dear wife, you are the light of my life. The first year that we spent together as a married couple will stay in my memory forever. I express gratitude to you for letting me enjoy this bliss. Happy anniversary!
  • You gave me your love divine, no wonder I am on cloud nine. You are my life, that is all I can tell. Stay with me forever, my darling angel! Wishing you lots of love on our first anniversary!
  • Just one year with you my love, has given me all I ever wanted. I now have memories I will cherish forever and a zeal that never seems to end. You are my soul, my heart and my best friend! Be mine forever.
  • With the completion of our first year of marriage, I have memories of golden moments that I will forever cherish. Though years will go by, these shall never perish. The flame of love will stay forever alight. Nothing will change my love for you, you are my angel, my guiding light!

Wishes for the 25th Anniversary

The 25th anniversary, which is also called silver anniversary, is a special occasion for couples. After spending 25 years together, with love growing even more with the passing years, you must have a special way to express how you feel. Here are some wishes to show what you feel:

The day was 25 years ago
when you exchanged vows and said "I do"
Though you have seen some ups and some downs
You share a love that is old and yet so new!

25 years of love
Kudos to you!
We wish you love and joy
A love so worthy and pure
Truly a source for inspiration
Happy 25th Anniversary!

Wishing you a Happy Silver Anniversary
A day when both of you became one
25 years have gone by
Celebrate your love and have fun!

25 years of your life
You fulfilled all your vows
We wonder how you found
A love so worthy and profound
To your love, we all now bow!

Wishes for the 50th Anniversary

You have spent 50 years as a couple, it is time to tell your partner how much you enjoyed spending your life with him/her. It has been a long fulfilling journey and it is time to look forward to the years ahead. So how should you wish your spouse, parents or friends on this day? Here are some ways of wishing them:

  • As life meandered through the twists and turns, it taught you a lot and you learned. And love blossomed and grew, when in moments of difficulty, to each other you turned. Happy 50th Anniversary!
  • You have created pure magic for 50 years. So happy 50th anniversary! Get ready for your platinum anniversary!
  • Happy 50th anniversary! We love you for showing us how love can grow stronger as years go by. You have shown how magic is created when love meets commitment.
  • Your love is an example, it has shown us the way, to hold each other and never look away! Happy 50th Anniversary!

Well, if you make the right choice of words, you can certainly make the other person understand how you feel. So, be ready with beautifully worded verses so as to make your spouse or the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary feel special!
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