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What to Do on Valentine's Day

Sheetal Mandora Feb 8, 2019
Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic days in the year. You don't want to just sit around and let the day pass you by. Read and find ideas to celebrate this day with that special someone...
It's not just you, but almost every couple (married, engaged, or dating) wonders what to do on Valentine's Day. Why that happens every year? You must have been celebrating this day for a while now, but every time you need to think what is it that you can do on this day.
There are many couples have been facing the same issue every year. Which is why, we feel that the need for this information is very important, so that you don't end up thinking all through the day.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Style

First things first. Think of the person whom you wish to spend this day with. It's very important that you do this because then, and only then, you can come up with some romantic ideas. You want to make this day special for him/her and this needs a little more creativity than usual.
It's not just any date. It's THE DATE! And hence, it has to be perfect. So, moving on from my 'this-is-such-a-serious-day-please-don't-mess-it-up' speech, we take a look at some fun-filled activities couples can engage in this year.
♥ Prepare a picnic basket, fill up the car, and take a road trip. Find a great spot up the mountains or near a river and enjoy the romantic picnic in seclusion.
♥ One of my favorite ideas for V-Day - go scuba diving. Spend the entire day at the beach, eat, shop, watch the sunset, and take a moonlight stroll.
♥ On the 14th, at midnight, grab a guitar, stand underneath/outside his/her window and sing his/her favorite song. Sing loudly and if it's off key, that's alright.
♥ Plan a slumber party for him/her. Grab DVDs of the movies you both enjoy, make a bowl of popcorn, get ice cream and other junk food. Stay up all night talking (or doing something else).
♥ Wear a stunning outfit, book one of the most romantic restaurants in your city, order the food beforehand, and spend the night having a candlelight dinner.
♥ Take an impromptu road trip and watch the sunrise or the sunset. Grab a blanket if it's chilly.
♥ After having a romantic dinner, come back home, draw a bath, and take a bubble bath together with rose petals in the water and scented candles all around.
♥ Another romantic and creative idea for couples, well married couples, is to renew your vows. You can invite your family, friends, kids at your place and have an intimate wedding renewal ceremony.
♥ If you are sort of an adventurous couple, try your hand at bungee jumping, paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving, skiing, water rafting, etc..it's the day to be adventurous.
♥ Give her a red rose every hour throughout the day. She'll love it. No matter where she is, with you, at work, school, or wherever, she's going to have the best time.
♥ Another romantic idea is to take a cruise. There are many cruises specially for this day. You get to enjoy the entire day on the ship with lots of fun stuff to do. In the evening, book a table by the deck and have the most romantic dinner, while the stars shine down upon you and the sea sings in the background.
♥ Go on a blind date (with your sweetheart, of course). Plan a blind date; call him/her up, set the time and place to meet. Greet each other as if you've never met before. Do everything that you would on a blind date.
♥ Is there a park close to your home? If yes, make hot cocoa or coffee, fill it inside a coffee flask, grab 2 mugs, and a blanket. Walk to the park, grab a quiet, romantic place, and enjoy the drink underneath the stars. Talk, cuddle, kiss.
♥ Fly her down to an exotic location, if your budget permits. Watch the shimmering city of Paris from Eiffel Tower or take a ride in Gondola, in Venice, the world's most romantic place.
♥ If driving down to a picnic spot is not possible, book a suite in a luxurious hotel in your own city. Spend the day in each other's company and retire to your 'honeymoon suite' at night. The change of place can up the excitement and romance quotient of the evening.
♥ If you wish to take your partner by surprise, simply pack a simple dinner of pasta or sandwiches and a bottle of wine. Hide a folding table, chairs, tablecloth, and other aides in the boot of your car. Pick her up from her office and drive her away from the city. Stop by a scenic spot and set your dinner table there.
♥ If you are an outdoorsy couple who loves their camping trips, then you can pack your rucksacks and go hiking. Set up a tent and get inside your sleeping bags. Think of all the romantic possibilities that a mystic forest or a secluded mountain cliff can offer!
♥ If none of the mentioned ideas is possible, you can still make this day (rather evening!) special. Leave early from work and pack something for dinner on your way home. Set the table, throw a nice tablecloth and take out your finest silverware.
Dress up for the evening and pep up the décor of your home with roses, orchids and scented candles. Greet your partner with a long lingering kiss at the door, and keep him guessing about what may follow.
This may sound clichéd, but one of the most romantic things is to tell your partner how much you love and care for them. He/she is the most important person in your life and letting them know of your true feelings is the best gift ever. Trust us, nothing beats that.
While you search for answers on what can be a fantastic idea for this day, don't forget to tell your sweetheart that you love him/her (all day long). This day just comes once a year. Make the best of it. Happy Valentine's Day!