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What to Wear for Hanukkah?

Tulika Nair Nov 17, 2018
Unsure of what you should wear to a Hanukkah party/get-together? This Festival of Lights, go all out and wear clothing that is a reflection of all that is synonymous with Hanukkah.

Dazzle with DIY

Instead of spending money on clothes with Hanukkah elements that you can use only once a year, opt to make patches that you can Velcro or stitch on to a piece of clothing that you already own.
Deciding what to wear to a party is never an easy thing to do. And this task becomes all the more difficult when you have to attend a party held to celebrate a festival like Hanukkah (especially if you do not practice the same religion).
What is appropriate? Is there a traditional clothing style you are expected to show up in? Is there a specific color palette that you have to choose from? These are just some of the many questions you are bound to have. And even if you are sure of what you can wear, how do you take it that extra mile and make it festive, yet not over-the-top?
First things first, traditionally, there is no outfit that is associated with Hanukkah. Revelers are free to wear any clothing they wish to, as long as it is appropriate to the place and respectful of the festival.
And since there are no specific requirements, why not make the festival fun, and wear clothes and accessories that are a reminder of what you are celebrating. We, at Buzzle, put on our thinking caps to bring to you outfit ideas for your entire family, for both formal and casual events.

How You Should Dress For Hanukkah

When trying to decide what you should wear, your first instinct should be to turn to the invite. Knowing whether the event is formal or casual should help you decide on a suitable outfit.

For a Formal Party

If the event is formal and you are expected to dress up, then we suggest you go all out. For women, this would mean opting for a dress that is suitable for the event. Ensure that this dress is neither too short, nor too revealing.
You could choose to wear your dress with a cardigan and a pair of stockings. For men, wearing a suit may be the best option. While dressing up your tiny tots, opt to go all out with Hanukkah-associated imagery on their outfits. Here are some ideas that could serve as inspiration.
Add a touch of festive with symbolic colors and a tasteful menorah pendant.
Stick to a suit, but wear the colors of the festival to make it suitable.
Glam up your princess in a frilly dress and jeweled shoes, all in the colors blue and white.
A pair of quirky suspenders with Hanukkah symbols add a touch of light-hearted revelry.

For a Casual Get-together

If you are meeting your extended family or a really close-knit group of friends to celebrate the festival this year, then your clothing could be slightly more casual. Women could opt to wear trousers with a knit top.
Use themed accessories and colors to highlight what you are celebrating. Men could also join the fun with clothes in blue and white, and accessories like bow ties with symbols like the Star of David on them. For kids, too, you could choose clothes with a similar theme.
A Star of David pendant, blue and white clothing, and blue heels will set you apart.
Bring back the fun element with a themed bow tie worn with semi-formal clothing.
Keep it light and casual with a simple shift dress and symbolic accessories.
Let your little boy ape his dad and wear a printed bow tie; add a short-sleeved shirt and shorts.
While dressing up for Hanukkah, it can be tempting to overdo the accessories with festival-related elements on it. But we suggest you tone it down. For instance, if you are wearing a tie with elements of the festival printed on it, let that be the center of attention for your outfit.
Don't drown it by wearing cuff links or a cardigan with similar imagery. If you are still not sure of what you should wear, it is always a good idea to ask the host. They should be able to guide you as to what is appropriate and what is not.
It's a special time of the year and the right outfit will only help enhance the feeling of festivity. With these classy, yet fun outfit ideas for Hanukkah, you are sure to be impeccably turned out.