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What to Wear to a Christmas Party

Tulika Nair Dec 12, 2018
Elegant, classy, glamorous, stylish―pick the adjective and we have the outfit that you should wear to the Christmas party this year. Make all the right sounds on the party circuit and establish your credentials as a style inspiration.

Save in Style

Instead of busting your bank balance by buying different outfits for the festive season, invest in accessories like earrings, necklaces, ties, cuff links, etc. Buy them in holiday colors, and you will still find tons of ways to wear them post-holiday.
It may be the season to be jolly, but it's also the season for a lot of stress. There are gifts to buy, a home to decorate, food to make, and oh-God-have-mercy-on-me parties to attend. And the last one on the list comes with the added paranoia of what is appropriate to wear to a Christmas party. How much glamor is too much? How little shimmer is too little?
There are too many questions and very few people to answer them. So, to help you out of that little conundrum, here's my best effort at putting together outfits that will make you the belle (and beau) of the ball.

Psst! They are put together according to who your hosts/company may be.

How the Women Can Dress Up

Since we are talking about the holiday season, let me give you a little holiday-inspired comparison to explain how you should dress up for the most (communally) festive occasion of the year. When you pick an outfit, remember that it is your equivalent of a Christmas tree.
Yes, it needs to be beautiful beyond words, but it needs to hold well under all the accessorizing that you are bound to do with it. When picking the accessories, always pick ones that will highlight your outfit not overwhelm it. At a party there is bound to be dancing and revelry.
Ensure that the ensemble you don is comfortable enough for you to party the night away in. You don't want to be worrying about the dress slipping down, or the hemline being too short, or having too much cleavage on display.
Regardless of where you are attending the party, it is important to think about your hosts. How conservative or avant-garde are they with their dressing style? If you dress up in a fashion-forward way, will it make you utterly conspicuous?
Don't compromise on your fashion sense, but think about how much of a risk you can take so that you get those appreciative glances but don't stick out like a sore thumb. The best way to decide on the right outfit is to dress depending on where you are attending the party.
The company you are going to be in can be a huge deciding factor where picking your ensemble is concerned. To help you out, here are four outfit ideas that will take you beautifully through any party you need to attend.
Elegant and classy should be the words that define you at the company do.
Impress them with conservative, yet modern silhouettes and bold colors.
Remind them that you will always be their little girl, come what may.
Stylish, fashion-forward, and comfortable―your watchwords when you are out with your friends.

How the Men Can Dress Up

You know that thought in your head that your charm will get you through anything. Well, that may be true, but the fact is that don't dress well enough, and we are also judging you. Big time.
If you are our guy, we will still love you, (it's unconditional, you see), but we would like it if you cease to be less of a forced accessory, and more of our knight in shining armor. Come Christmas, and we want to flaunt you. And we want you to fuss and take some planned risks where your sartorial senses are concerned.
There are many guys out there who dress so well, they can put many, many self-proclaimed fashionable women to shame. Take a few tips from them. Try out bow ties, colors you wouldn't touch before, slim ties, cuff links.
You get the picture! And if your gray cells are not churning out the ideas, here is some inspiration that will take you from the company party, to her parents' house, and even a night out with the guys in your stylish best.
Make Ryan Gosling your style inspiration. Keep it formal albeit non-traditional.
Charm her parents in your preppy-inspired look. Add some holiday cheer with the right colors.
Give your mama a glimpse of her little boy in a Christmas-inspired cardigan.
A night out with your boys can still do with a little holiday cheer. Let your sweater do the talking.
These festival-inspired outfit ideas should help you drown out the I-have-nothing-to-wear cries which are louder than caroling parties. If you are still unsure of what to wear, create a starting point by opting for clothes in the colors of the season. Just don't wear them all together. This festive season, let the clotheshorse in you be the driving force.